Your plans might not always be best!



Well we often plan things, imagine things to go as per our plans and assume that we have complete control over our plans.
Do you really think we can control the every bit we plan?
There are times when life moves the way it wants to and not the way you wanted to and that is the point where you’ll feel something repelling, making you rebellious as a whole.
The very thought of some external thing taking in the charge of your plans will push you to an agitated and messed up state of mind.
Now amidst this process where you are just heading with these unidirectional thoughts that all your plans were the best ones and if they didn’t go as per your commands, everything would be a waste or more appropriately considering it a misfortune for yourself.
Swirl a little and shake your mind to make it think beyond your fuss.
Nothing that goes against your plan is a waste.
You might visualize all the good but cannot forsee what bad can come along when things would have gone the way you had imagined them to. And yes we do not hold the ability too, to be that efficiently farsighted.
Things that appear to be ruining, falling apart, making you feel that life went real cruel and partial with you,

Your plans might be great but when He plans for you, they make you stand out!
You are not being ruined, your plans are not being obstructed , you are actually being projected for a grandeur!
Yes the whole new plan and path may look destructive, something that would appear beyond your capability.
Well the new plan is to push you into something where your wild tough spirit that has always been dormant and unseen, is stirred to roar.
We all have that wild tough spirit which we ourselves can never reach upto, so something outside us take that major control putting us on a path leading to great horizons.

Walk with a faith that it did not happen to you, It Happened For You and see the miracle ✨ 🔆


Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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