Working for an earning or for your Dream?


Not all of us happen to be enlightened at the tender age of taking the right decisions of career and life, so we take up what comes our way assuming things to be a universal plan. Many of us opt careers with a thought  process that  what  works for the major section of people around rather than what will work for us.

Revenue does not depend on the scope of a subject, it depends what scope your potential has. And this is what is never understood for the longest time and we are in this rat race of doing what’s lucrative as per norms, ignoring what profits and wonders we individually can make.

But does it always need to go like that forever?

Did you really have a strong love for the one you are put into assuming it your so-called universal plan or are you just abiding by things happening to you randomly?

You might not have an answer to this at that tender age, but I’m sure now when you are wise enough, will at least have a question to ask yourself.

Am I loving what I’m working?

You have the answer and you have the fear too if your answer is a Big No.

Well my answer to your fear is simply these words👇

If we can earn a living from the work we were never fascinated with… How can then anything ever stop us from excelling in what we are passionate about!

It’s just a matter of contemplation that will help you understand what’s to be done.

You have invested your entire education, and then numerous years in the work you had never longed for, never dreamt of,  never loved yet earning a living out of it. 

So what’s that that will stop you from creating a mansion of your dreams with the work you feel that you have that inherent inclination to.

All you need to understand is that the fear that keeps poking into your mind with a sole intention to refrain you from not fetching what your heart is aspiring to, is just that one weakest evil side  which is not ready to see you wake up and do your thing like crazy and have crazy.

Raise your fascination for your work and bash the evil out.

You are bound to succeed and work wonders, just need to understand that once you work for what you love, it’s no longer a work but an adventure.

Adventures keep you thrilled even while you hustle all the way before reaching your mountain top.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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