Why is consistency important? 4 powerful mind shifts to be consistent

Why is consistency important? How to be Consistent: 4 powerful mind shifts

Why is consistency important? 4 powerful mind shifts to be consistent

Why is consistency important? 4 powerful mind shifts to be consistent
“Almost everybody can stay excited for 2 or 3 months. A few people can stay excited for 2 or 3 years. But a winner will stay excited for 30 years or however long it takes to win.” Art Williams

Why is consistency important?

4 powerful mind shifts to be consistent

If being talented gives you more chances of success, then being consistent confirms your success.

One who is talented might not be consistent but the one who is consistent can create the talent.

Before you aim to become consistent, the goal should be to understand why consistency is important in the first place. I Am going to uncover 4 powerful mind shifts that I constantly use as reminders to become consistent. 

Intelligence, talent, or luck might serve as a springboard to make the first jump. But that does not confirm one’s willingness to jump again if they fall flat on their face.

Talent is innate, an inherent quality.

One who is talented might perform great but not necessarily keep performing, if it does not get better.

Whereas consistency is not innate. 

It is a quality which one builds to succeed. It is not what you have, it is what all you can have by striving for it.

Consistency is not about giving a great performance from the get-go.

It is rather performing until it becomes great. 

If success is the cuisine you wish to have,

The recipe is about making the consistency better.


What does consistency mean?

Consistency means when you face pushback, failures, monotony, laziness, fears, doubts but override them all and still keep the ball rolling.

We don’t find the right path leading to our Destination from the get-go. Getting favorable results instantly for every piece of effort we put in is not how it works.

This is what our challenge is.

 To explore and find the right path.

To learn better ways that will give better results.

And that’s when Consistency makes the difference. 

The zeal to keep going despite not getting results. 

As the game is not about making you win, it is about proving yourself a Deserving Winner.

There are often wrong turns, wrong decisions, wrong choices, roadblocks, bumps, mistakes, confusion and much more on the way.

So much so, that you feel lost and are filled with frustration of not finding the right path. You lose the spark to continue working in the face of failures.

This is when Consistency plays the role. Stopping the hurdles from obstructing you, not letting the wrong path stop you from continuing to find the right one, and not letting the failures stop you from believing in success.

Consistency helps you to not stop working because of any reason that is stopping you.



Why is consistency the key?

Why is Consistency the Key?

When fears and doubts interrupt your path, when talent stops beefing you up, when intelligence fails to give you results, Consistency becomes the game changer then.

The golden key that unlocks all the blocked roads.

It overrides the inevitable roadblocks, reviving your willpower to see what lies next.

Like a pill resuscitating you and making you determined again.

The one moment when you don’t see the needle move at all, when quitting looks easier than keep going, this is when Consistency serves as a springboard. 

It is not a remedy that gives you instant results. It just pushes you to jump out of the mental space that feels stuck because of not seeing results. 

Consistency evacuates the stress and doubt out of you when things don’t appear working for you.

It’s like not letting one bad chapter decide your story as you start believing in the possibility of making the next one better.

When you practice being consistent, the frustration that builds out of sluggish growth, no longer intervenes with your zeal and determination. 

Consistency is not the solution to the problem you are stuck in or a way to speed up your progress.

It is a practice that helps you override the interruptions of one moment and re-energize you to start again for another one without losing your grit.

Success is definite and failure is a choice.



Why is it hard to be consistent?

Why is it hard to be Consistent?

The path is not a straight line.

And when the line breaks, the belief breaks.

Most of us fail to be consistent because we see losing the game. We see the path not leading us where we want to.


Instant gratification slows down your performance

Work needs your prime focus, but your attention is grabbed by the results. But when the results are not favorable, you lose hold on your work, and it becomes hard to be consistent.

We all are designed such that no matter how much we love our work, results excite us more. Our attention is glued to the results.

We want validation for our work through instant gratification. 

And this is what hinders our consistency. How?

When you are constantly thinking about results, what you are exactly doing is, you are shifting the focus from your work to the output.

And the more you lose your attention from work, the more the results are  going to be affected.

Because good results precede great work. 

And when the work is fabricated or compromised, the results will be impeded.

Your performance slows down when you dilute your work and concentrate more on instant results.

When this happens, to continue working with the same spark and zeal becomes challenging.

Consistency was hard in the first place and instant gratification made it even harder.

Instant gratification is because of a lack of awareness. 

You picture results as a major component of success and ignore how paramount the process is.

The truth is, the major and crucial part of your success is the process.

 Whereas the result is just the tiniest portion, the one that is  not even under your complete control.

You have to be thoroughly soaked in the process to see the results.

You dreamt about the Destination, The journey became your nightmare.

When we start something, we picture the Destination in our mind and are glamorised by its big show.

We are swayed away by visualising one part of the story, the story of success.

But what we fail to take into consideration is the journey itself.

You keep looking for the light after the tunnel.

But the game is more about walking the tunnel, going through the dark and broken path. 

So, the prime reason that makes it hard to be consistent is your unawareness about the process.

To imagine success and to make success are two poles apart scenarios.

And the difference between both is the reason which makes you quit.

Talent and intelligence are not enough. 

It’s not about whose body is stronger, it’s about who builds better stamina to continue racing until reaching the finishing line.

  • A talented person can start with vim and vigor.
  • An intelligent person can feel confident from the get-go.
  • A lucky person might anticipate an easy ride.

But the game is not about just starting and participating.

It’s about being in it.

  • Being when you don’t see yourself win.
  • Being when you don’t see your intelligence work.
  • Being when the talent takes the back seat.
  • Being when luck stops favoring you.

If the element of consistency is absent, one roadblock is enough to make a talented, intelligent or a lucky one to quit.

How to be Consistent: 4 Powerful Mind shifts

It’s been quite a while since I have taken on my writing journey and still haven’t made a mark.

When results don’t show, it gets really hard to show up and be consistent.

I have been here, in this hard stage several times, nudging myself to do it no matter what.

Many start the race. But only few wins it.

The ones who are consistent. 

Success is easy. You just have to beat the people who are consistent as that is what most of them are losing on.

More than talent, luck or intelligence, if you need anything to excel, it is consistency.

One who builds consistency can build talent, create luck and sharpen to become intelligent too but not always vice versa.

4 powerful mind shifts I made to be consistent.

1. You aren’t going slow; you are taking time to be ready

The final stage is already there. It is set and ready. The seats are well-ordered. The audience is ready to see your performance.

But you haven’t yet become ready for the show.

My number one rule to kick start again every time I lose on my flow and to be consistent is by mentoring myself.

I acknowledge the fact that I’m getting time for my rehearsals so I should not be missing any of them.

Because the stage and final day are fixed and guaranteed.

But if I have not rehearsed well, I might reach the stage but not steal the show.

So the time that you are taking is not to reach the success but to become Confident and ready to perform on a bigger stage.

Consistency is going to be hard if you want to see the stage right away.

 And it is going to be easier when you’ll understand, the stage is already there but you have to practise and rehearse enough to perform on it.

2. Progress will show when you will feel fear and still take action anyway.

You cannot kill fear, bury it somewhere and then expect yourself to be ready for the work. This isn’t the way it works.

Fear looks like a roadblock, but the truth is, it is the force that pushes you to take action.

Let me break it down for you.

Fear comes when you doubt your abilities.

When you find it hard to take up new challenges to achieve the goal.

And you shiver at the very thought of your goal.

But when you sit in fear, things around you become uncomfortable. You start worrying about things. The more you sit in this mind frame where fear hovers over you, you feel the urge to get over it as soon as possible. 

And the only way forward is to take action. 

It’s like you want to perform but nervousness keeps pulling you back. But then not performing fills you with something more miserable, the feeling of a loser.

That’s when you take action.

Action makes your place better and you start taking on new challenges.

So let this fear sit with you. You don’t have to fear your fear. You just have to focus on action as that is why the fear is placed for. To push you to take action.

3. I Am not incompetent; I haven’t found my Blueprint. 

What stops you from being consistent is when you don’t see results.

You start losing confidence.

You start anticipating yourself as inefficient.

You lose your grit when your attention is more on the output than in the process.

When I’m in such a place where I start losing my belief, I remind myself:

My slow results have nothing to do with my potential. It does not declare me incompetent.

It’s solely about finding the right way, the Blueprint. 

It’s not the path to Success that takes time, it’s finding the right path that takes time.

The Blueprint. 

It isn’t a straight line, it’s a crisscross that you have to walk and search which line will lead you to your goal.

It’s a hit and trial.

So just keep walking till you find your route because your potential will boom right after you find your lane.

4. Don’t work for the final goal.

I am hearing someone say out loud: Whattt?

Well, Relax!

I’m not asking you to quit the goal.

I am saying to stop working for it right away.

It becomes a tough game to be consistent when you rush for the big final goal.

I’m not telling you to stop working for the final goal.

I want you to divide your goal into smaller goals that you can expect to have instant results for.

Imagine a student of 10th grade has a goal to become an IAS.

Now if he just looks at this big goal at this small age, it will start getting overwhelming.

So what’s the way?

This child needs to slowly take on a reading habit as a basic initial step and make the way forward by collecting more information on how to go about it.

So, my prime motive is to make you work with a strategic plan that can help you walk up the Rungs of ladder one at a time.

When you break the goal into smaller, more manageable tasks, it will make the process less overwhelming and give you a sense of accomplishment as you complete each task.


Consistency quotes that can spark you with motivation. 

  • “The agony of defeat is as low as the joy of winning is high. However, they’re the exact same to me. I’m at the gym at the same time after losing 50 games as I am after winning a championship. It doesn’t change for me.” Kobe Bryant, Mamba Mentality
  • There is no magic to awesome outcomes.  Whether we’re looking to build a great career, a great relationship, great health, or a great life, it’s all about consistent action over time.  It’s about coming back after things blow up, over and over and over.  Because they will, and we’ll need a way to reclaim our daily routine.” ~ Jonathan Fields, How To Live A Good Life

I hope this article gives you a clear picture of what exactly being consistent means, how big its role is and how you can plan your goal for success by being consistent.

I want you to first absorb and understand the importance of consistency completely before you start showing up.

Because consistency is not a task that you can get it done in one shot. It is like building a muscle by practicing it through rigorous gym sessions.

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