Why do we Believe what we believe!

Don’t be fooled by His different Costumes!

Why do we believe what we believe?

What strong belief makes you believe a Religion more than the Creator? I too interrogated my belief system the day I came across an unusual incident.

Driving to my workplace, I happen to cross a Gurudwara twice, in the morning and in the evening giving me a chance to pray twice a day. But to my surprise, I always happened to overlook it. Belonging to a Hindu creed,the view of a Temple was inherently impressioned in my mind that somewhere contributed in this unusual depiction of Religion discrimination.

To add more astonishment, I have to get my conveyance to the neutral gear right in front of the Gurdwara as

Red lights always wanted me to pause and ponder.

Still the emotion could not be triggered. 

And one fine day after months of rides, red lights did work for me. I stopped and just randomly looked towards Gurudwara without any strong belief system erupting in me, but somehow rationally thinking about my belief system.

I did not suddenly realize something in the very moment that I could make an effort to get me rid of my biased inclination towards the Religion that I was brought up with. But yes,the whole thing had found shelter in my mind to think it over and over again.

Post the day of incidence, my belief system kept flipping consciously across my mind to understand why I was tamed for such ignorance.

Thinking consciously for a couple of days,   made me reach some satisfying answers that could help me work upon my belief system.

5 things that I came up with this whole incidence-


 I found that there was an unconditional blindfolded belief for the Hindu Religion which I could not feel the same for others. I was never the one who refrained  from all the other Religions,but yes also not the one who  followed equality of belief. I had a place for all but undoubtedly a special one for the one that my mind was accustomed to.  I would never avoid raising my hands in prayer while passing by a Gurudwara, Mosque or a Church but yes I would not always be consciously alert of their divine power flowing towards me whereas a view of Temple would always make me bow down effortlessly. I somehow realized that a mere view of Temple was so predominantly seated in my soul that I could now understand my ignorance towards others.


Digging a level deeper into my own belief system I came up with numerous conclusions. Brought up in a Hindu family, I was nurtured with a strong Hindu belief system. I never felt any level of enforcement towards this religion but rather an immense faith,trust and strong belief system was developed that I was really confident of. Something that empowered me, acquainted me with divine power that was always there to shield me from evil. But what actually I was being deprived of was the belief of oneness of God, the Absolute Being !

Religions could never separate this divine power but unfortunately separated each one of us.    I felt that I was not guided about His oneness and supremacy but more about  the deities and Lords of Hindu     religion, keeping me aloof from the  real source of energy.  Nurturing helps you paint you in one specified manner helping you understand the  colors and the world  outside further helps you to paint a  Masterpiece.    I could slowly realize  it was my nurtured belief system for one Religion  that kept me ignorant from the rest. 

Well I do not blame or be critical about the nurturing as , “The best they had the best they taught without any prejudices”.

 The extent of conscious effort from each one of us  after crossing the threshold of unawareness of the world  is  solely responsible for the belief system we firmly rely upon and not mere nurturing. 


I realized that my mind was not habituated for a belief system that embraces religions unconditionally. It did require a certain level of  practicing of my mind to embrace and believe in the existence of absolute being, “The sole Creator “, rather than clinging to specific religions. I felt the need to direct my mind for a different outlook towards the whole belief system I was dominated by. It would certainly not come in a moment, in a day or two. It would demand me a practice, a practice of inclining my thought process towards an improved version of belief system. 

My faith towards my religion had grown with me and now it was as mature as me. 

To now make a halt and start with a different vision would require my conscience willingness to think beyond the Religion, to emphasize more on the Power than on the symbolics of it.


When finally I sensed the righteousness of believing the oneness of the Creator, I could slowly work in accordance. I came up with a thought that being brought up with a Hindu belief system, I was never forced to not believe others yet never felt an emotion to feel the common power. 

We are never  forced to embrace the rituals and culture of a different religion which might hinder our ways of living but are free to feel and connect with the common Power that shall never be obstructive. 

And then from one fine day I made a conscious effort to make the Red lights serve its great purpose.

“I started  joining hands to seek the blessing of that one Universal Power while I now stopped in front of the Gurudwara”

Yes the emotion did trigger this time because it was not a random gesture but something that was precedented by whole lot of practicing and thinking.



I felt fooled! In Fact we all are fooled by His different costumes. 

Who knows,the one you worshiped on one fine day in a temple had planned to sit in a mosque, church or a Gurudwara on the other day. 

He was never different at different places but one in different attires that we could never understand.

To add more to this is that we believe that Religions have separated us but it’s the Divine  power that we all are being distant from.

The strength has come down to a level where our wisdom has failed to understand what went wrong.

I went through this experience of self awakening and felt the need to share this with the world to actually make each one of you think over your belief system and bring a transformation that will help none other than you yourself. 

Let’s not expect our Society, Nation, World and Universe to change, it’s we who can bring the change individually. 

A belief system where Religion will not separate the Universal power but just be limited to it’s different symbolics.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”


Share the wisdom:)
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prakriti dhir
prakriti dhir
3 years ago

Well this article Gave Me a Lot to Think upon … Thanks for the Awakening!

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