Who the real progressor is?


It’s not about how much earned but how it was earned that will decide who the real progressor is.  Earning currency has no more become a hard deal. Numerous portals have come up to give you the opportunities to showcase your caliber and make you progress. The point is not about being short of opportunities but lack of wisdom to decide which of them to be taken and taken with an exemplary attitude of chosing the loyal means.

The honesty and loyalty of efforts that should precede your success is what that is turning up as least prevalent. 

The competition is not about earning more but how honest means went in. Progressing by making the greed flow in and bypassing the real process might give you the riches but unfortunately not make you rich!

The choice is always there with open arms waiting for you to embrace. It will be you who will decide what’s to be chosen and given the front seat. 

You have a natural tendency to opt for the easy options which might make you compromise with the good seated in you. It will be the extent of how much your inherent goodness preserves itself and embarks with a terrific honest attitude  that shall decide how truly successful you will turn up to be.

The point is about how you look up as being successful, earning more or being satisfied more. Earning more will never have an eye on the fact, how to be earned . And if the goal is a satisfying progression, the vision will be to opt the hardest but a way worth the guilt free success.

Good is fragile but goodness is powerful,

Bad is forceful but badness is weak!

Let’s keep an open eye to have a wise choice of choosing the direction that empowers us rather than just make us earn more.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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