When struggling turns successful!


 Even when a substantial amount of time and effort has been invested in the direction of what you might really be confident of, it will  not be impactful until you are struggling to show your worth.

Your words,  your voice, your work, your talent that you are putting your efforts in, is known to the universe even when you have just begun.

 It’s the world that demands your final masterpiece after working for countless of them, to get you acknowledged. 

World gets moved by the struggle of a struggling but not before the struggling wins.

Voice becomes influential, when struggling turns successful !

Your continual efforts are only known to you and the universe, the world outside is a stranger to them. It will require your insane dedication, passion and perseverance to make your voice audible first and then worth listening.

World will credit you for the entire journey of your struggle but only when you will walk up to the pinnacle. A point from where none can overlook you. 

The same voice that went unheard by almost everyone becomes the voice for millions. This is no sort of casting a spell that your voice magically took over, it’s all about  practicing your work till it turns magnificent. 

Noone will come to see when you are beginning to paint your masterpiece, but each one will buy after it’s done. 

You got to have an immense belief on your voice to walk till the world not only believes it, but go crazy to hear it.

The same voice that couldn’t gather a single listener has the potential to make the whole world not only listen the voice, but wanting to listen it over and over again.

All you need is an attitude like this, ” I’ll try to not try my potential but  prove it anyhow”


Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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