Has your life turned the blue side and challenged you or is it right on track but you still feel the monotony? 

Amidst this beautiful life, do you  still feel the charm losing? 

Yes, there will be times, when no matter how huge or petty are your you’ll still find it hard to create a room for peace and contentment.

HI! Welcome to The Locks and Keys!

A place where things be it life, body , mind  or daily hustles that challenge your peace, happiness, integrity and anything that hinders your growth  will be talked about.

Locks, the inevitable situations and issues of life are universal, but then  Life is not about understanding how many and how big your Locks are. Its all about how you strive to find their keys  and lead  yourself to magnificent doors of Life.

Your mind cannot be forced to perceive the happier, positive and brighter side of life. If something that moves you, drives you, without pushing you, it will actually transform you.

If my posts succeed to contribute a little even to drive you and  make you look beyond these petty worries and the tides of life, it would  make my purpose worth  and inspire me to write more.

An effort to make you raise your  self esteem and walk the road of your life with  a vision  “Life is not there to entertain or drain you but for you to sustain”.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”