Serve, and God will Serve You!


I Am not convinced by your prioritization to visit a Temple, Mosque, Church or a Gurdwara if the old one’s back home are not the priority. 

It’s hard for me to understand the world’s immense faith and belief in God when the old ones feel neglected and ignored.
I’m perplexed with how the  human mind works and functions. Can we really connect to that divine power if we aren’t connected to those who introduced us to it?
Don’t we need a better and improved connection first with those who are dependent on us, who are weak and who really need our very first attention, care and priority?
Running to  religious places with a strong belief system that someone out there will be thrilled to see you and bless you in return, is something that I feel is degrading for the Age.
Pleading to listen to the prayers would not be counted if the weak and old feel left out.
It’s a devastating ignorance to believe that showing up at religious corners is symbolic of    virtues and faith when honestly the actions are not in accordance.
Getting away with your prime responsibilities and murmuring the divine name for more power and strength is an immense agony of the Lord.
Don’t search Him out anywhere , He resides in the word Serve!

Serve the weak, and He will serve you!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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Sidharth Vijayan
Sidharth Vijayan
2 years ago

Hi Sarita, I found you on one of the dating apps and noticed you had listed your website for reference. I like your work and resonate with the pieces. Look forward to connecting with you if you would like to speak. Here’s my linkedin and instagram for your reference.

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