Praying or Working!


His rule is not variant, but fixed rather and universal too. He abides by the law of actions. 

He is all ears to our every little prayer but which of our  prayers will be gratified will never be His biased choice. Prayers that will be followed by our actions towards them will give us His unbiased blessing.

Prayers are strong, rather very strong but there are certain things where our actions towards those Prayers necessarily need to be taken, else the prayers are left as no more than a demand.

 We, who are so ignorant about His way of planning and executions, assume that our mere Praying will make us have what we really need. And the reality is, Prayers are there to empower us with the strength that will make us achieve what we have been praying for.

Strength is what that is to be prayed for, be it for healing yourself, motivating yourself, achieving anything in this universe.

 His answer to all our prayers is, “I will work for everything you will work upon”.

We really got to understand how the controlling power of the universe works, plans and executes. 

We would spend years and still the prayers might be unanswered, and the sad part is we still will not understand how the whole thing works.

The potential to work for your goals ,dreams, or an effort to heal might not go parallel and be equal with respect to others, but that’s not He is analyzing or asking for.

All He asks for, is your  attitude to at least try!

An attempt to work for yourself rather than waiting for Him to work for you.

He works for our power, our zeal, our strength but will  never work on behalf of us!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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3 years ago


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