Earth has now started charging us the stay!


From every little thing to every massive creation that Human minds have developed has a single resource:Earth!

Earth itself had no definition and segregation of poor or rich, it’s the human innovation that once  created something and now everything.

From every constructive invention to all the  destructive discoveries, human minds have played so fantastically that Earth feels amazed and alarmed too.

With passing years, the comfort and ease has increased manifold,  yet the survival seems more challenging.

I sit down to think that why violence, hatred and all evil things happening around,  have taken over love? Are our comforts and ease of life turning a threatening to us ?

I filtered thousands of my  thoughts to understand what’s that making our lives feel  more terrific inspite the ease.

It’s We, Us and our very own Minds!

Everything is at a stage where human comfort is become a top priority and humanity, the least.

We all are fetching things to make our bodies look great, feel great and uplift our lifestyle and what we are missing in this is our deteriorating minds. 

Our minds are getting the least of attention which ironically needs the most. 

It’s a common experience that we often tend to value things less or take things for granted once we have them.

So has the earth become to all of us.  Valueless!

All the necessities and comforts of life are now no more hard to strive for that they were in times back. And we who designate ourselves the advanced,  modern one’s, are on the way of misusing them and taking them for granted. 

Humanity is what we are being deficient  of and reason is development.

Things are being developed for human comforts but putting minds at stake.

When everything has turned easy and  accessible, we have started exhausting the resources without realizing that we might be short of them some day.

Earth has been resourcing humans from generations and now when it feel undervalued, it has come up charging all of us.

Earth is filled with a deep agony saying ,

I am your reservoir, don’t be foolish to destroy me”.




Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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