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Breakthrough! Everything outside you, keeps going as it has been. It might wipe out  one of your hurdles but then  position  another one in place,  hence The Life! The key to uplift or more appropriately get away with life’s tornados will always be something that should change the inside than outside.  Everything will keep hitting …

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Dust of Time!

Dust of Time! Hi! This is Sarita Mian. Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained” FOLLOW  ON INSTAGRAM Head to the link in bio ? for entire post! Sto Head to the link in bio? for entire post! Effo Head to the link in bio ? …

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Opportunities! Do resources govern the opportunities? Yes, when you are deprived of a certain level of resources, finding opportunities does become a hard deal. But you know what, what’s even harder?  When you have easy access to opportunities, the enthuse becomes pricey! When you find things happening with ease, there is something within that becomes …

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Nothing! Nothing is the only thing that will satisfy you Forever! Longingness never fades away.  Your  desire is conditional,”I’ll have another one after this one is done” The one side of this unending Longingness, gives a sense of willingness to strive for more heights and  the other side becomes a reason for you to never …

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Perfection! There are times when you are so good or rather perfect with things that others are not to the same level. The very situation has two natural tendencies; you will either  work to bring the same quality in them considering the fact that we just cannot have the same efficiency and perfection or would …

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