Make 2024 the best year of your life by improving your Karma.

Make 2024 the best year of your life by improving your Karma.


Make 2024 the best year of your life by improving your 



Let’s start 2024 with awareness rather than with motivation.

The new year vibe is the same as it was last year, last to last year and many more last years but still, we haven’t succeeded in making any of them as our Annus Mirabilis.

Suddenly there starts a chemical reaction on 31st December of every year and you feel that life will start changing completely the next morning.

Or rather you will start changing it.

No matter how many goals you had and how many times you worked on them in the past, the new year comes with a mysterious power to work on them all over again.

With every new year, you think you’ll bring the best out of you, not repeat the old patterns and make the new year the best year, but still, it ends the same.

You are drawn by the new year energy, but you fail to contain it throughout the year.

This is because you start the year from a place of unawareness and everything else that excites you for the new year resolutions is either fleeting or is interrupted by life’s unpredictable situations. 


Your mind pictures the new year with three elements: enthusiasm, work and progress.

What it fails to picture is the blockages, hindrances and troublesome situations that can anytime put aside all your motivation and dedication.


You do not anticipate the delays and denials, the misery and the catastrophic situations and you do not know why life casts you in them.

The fact that you never sat down in self-contemplation to understand what controls your life and life experiences, you start the year with the same energy, excitement and the same ignorance.

And when ignorance is rooted deep, you might start the year with a bang, but you end it with no big change.

The new year is indeed a chance to start again, to commit again and to pursue things with a new energy but if you do not back it up with awareness, the obstructions will keep hindering your progress.

The reason why you botch with the new year every time is because you start and end it with the same approach. You work on the surface, but you have no idea how the foundation is made strong.

Karma is the Foundation!


Life is a result of your karmas which you have been carrying out ever since your existence.

The truth is, you do not have a soul, you are a soul, and you have a body.

And what goes wrong is, your attention is only on the body and the goals related to it.

You fail to look into the soul and find what karma your soul needs to perform. Unless your soul is creating good karma, your body will keep failing in its karma.

You have to break the wheel of old karmas to receive the results of new Karmas.


So, if you are someone who wants to know how to make this new year 2024 the best year of your life by improving your Karma, this blog post will give you a deep dive into the hidden powers of Karma and how you can direct them.



The Karma of Body and Soul

Your body is temporary, and your soul is eternal. This means you never die; only the body dies. 

The irony is your attention is more on the beautification of your body and the temporary life this body has than the purification of your soul.

Most of your New Year resolutions revolve around your body’s needs and desires. You have wishes and dreams that are associated only with this body.

The new house, the new car, hikes in the job, business growth, and becoming healthy, all are temporary goals associated with your current life. They come to an end with the end of your body.

But what stays forever is the soul, but there is nothing that you aim to achieve for your soul.

 The idea is not to stop you from collecting gems for the body but to make you understand that if your soul has pebbles, the body cannot shine even with the gems.


The karma of the body is for your survival and material happiness in life whereas the karma of your soul is for spiritual improvement which in return accelerates the karma of body.

Only if you purify your soul, you will increase your chances of having a better life.

Your body can survive the karmic baggage only if you are nourishing your soul with new karmas.

The reason why life does not go as you wish, why your New Year resolutions fail, and why you face obstructions is because you are constantly focusing on the material goals (body and material world) and overlook the soul.

Taking care of your body is important but taking care of your soul is mandatory.

Cut sugar from your body but keep adding sugar to your soul.


Karma designs your life

What you receive here in this life as a gift or as a curse is the result of the actions that your soul has been carrying out ever since its creation.

Bhagavad Gita says,

These Karmas are being carried out from a time when our souls were created and we all according to these Karmas are receiving Dukh (misery) or Sukh (Joy).

And this is what is called as our Destiny.

But Karma is not permanent. 

The effects of Karma can be very old but with the new Karma, you can create new effects and new results.

The life that is in front of you is a new book and you are the author of this Book. 

You are bound to receive the good and bad fruits of your past Karmas, but you are equally free to grow new fruits with your present Karams.

We have suffered or enjoyed the results of our Karmas (the good and bad accordingly) from the earliest times but along with this, we can also change the results of these Karmas.



Great Karma will make the Year Great.

A great year does not manifest when you take actions just towards your material goals but when you also decide to make selfless goals to spiritually improve your soul.

Your karma should be a perfect amalgamation of your efforts towards the material goals and the selfless goals.

Only when you work for yourself and selflessly for others, you have all the chances to see the new year turn great.

When you improve your soul karmas, the karmas of your body are strengthened.

The purpose of karma of the Body is to receive.

The purpose of karma of the soul is to give.

The soul has to give out into the world before the body can receive from it.



The only way to understand what the right path to Karma is.

You want things but you do not know the right way.

The goals are not hard, it takes time to find the blueprint. And when you begin to find it, the struggle starts.

But you think that you know it all. That’s where the darkness enters in, not because of the ignorance but the foolishness to assume that you are aware. 

We aren’t. We need someone to guide us, to show us the path.

You might try hard and apply all the strategies and still fail. No matter it’s your material goal or it is something to purify your soul, you need someone to show you the right way.

And the only way is by coming closer to God through worshipping, meditating and praying. Until and unless you do not seek God’s direction, you will keep going in circles and never really find the right direction to achieve your goal.

You aren’t here for the first time. Your soul has been changing bodies and doing karmas from the time you came into existence. And now your life is a result of all your karmas, the good and the bad.

When life takes you into an abyss because of your bad karma, the only way to come out is by looking for God and His message.

You have to become a devotee because only a devotee will receive the directions to achieve the goals.

You are just a performer; you do not know what and how to perform things. You have to seek a trainer who can guide you with all the minutiae you need to know to give a great performance.


3 hidden opportunities to improve your Karma

You are working on the goals for the new year but there is something beyond your comprehension that is not letting you accomplish them.

You seek a great year ahead but what you are missing out on is greatness.

You have to be out and available for others before you hope something from the World.

 Don’t look at the new year only for personal desires and dreams but as an overall opportunity to what you can give out to the year, to the world, and the Universe.

And the chance to create great Karma comes in situations that look fearful and overwhelming.

What looks like an obstruction or something hard to navigate, there lies the possibility of breaking the wheels of old karmas.

You have karmic baggage which slows down your progress or makes things cumbersome for you. And to get rid of this karmic baggage, you get 3 hidden opportunities to improve your Karma.


Adverse conditions

Grab them. They are a chance to improve your Karma.

Look at it like this: If you feed an animal, it’s good karma but if you are looking after an animal that is in pain, it makes your Karma great.

The worse the situation, the bigger your chance to build great Karma.


Encountering difficult people

You don’t learn when you meet easy people. It’s when you encounter difficult people, you grow and evolve. What challenges you is where lies your growth.

The idea is not to hang out with them but to build patience and calmness when you have such people around you.

You become better when you get the hard stuff to deal with.


Seeing someone needy

Don’t miss stretching out a hand of service to someone you see is in need.

You cannot imagine the extent of fortune that comes when someone gives you a blessing.

If you want to set yourself free from the trap of karmic baggage, go and help someone who is suffering because of his/her karmic baggage.

New Year is not about just receiving, it is about what you give.

Service is the biggest form of Karma. If you give your service in the name of humanity, you don’t have to seek anything, everything seeks you.



3 ways to Become Ready for the Right Karma

You cannot cook your meal if you do not have the right ingredients. The right Karma is your meal.

3 ingredients that you need to make the meal of right Karma are:


Feeding the mind with knowledge

You need the right information to build your goals. You cannot create something without knowing the right steps. Only when you collect knowledge about the subject you want to grow in, you become eligible the accomplish it.


Feeding heart with God’s Love

Without His grace, you might work but you will fail to get the direction.

If you are the actor, God is the director of the movie. You cannot play your role if His role is not there.

Don’t own your life, make Him the owner.

Just like your body cannot function if you stop feeding your stomach, in the same way, you cannot function if you stop feeding your heart with God’s love.


Feeding the soul with compassion, empathy, purity, selflessness and service.

You have a body to live life and soul to make it better.

You don’t have to look for abundance, you have to pour your abundance.



Empower your New Year goals with a great Karma

Don’t fall into the same pattern that you were in last year. To make the new year your best year, you need to align the Karma of the body with the Karma of the soul.

For every wish, for every goal that you aim for this new year, while you take action towards them, create a Karma that empowers your goal.

Create soul Karmas that can have a catalytic effect on the Karma that is aimed directly towards the goal.

Let me explain to you with an example.

You want a new home because it will give you happiness and a sense of security. This is your goal, a personal desire.

The Karma of the body means you will take actions towards everything that you need to build your home.

But if your soul builds a selfless karma, it will serve as a blessing to empower your personal goal.


Like providing someone a shelter, giving food to someone hungry, praying to God and thanking Him for everything you already have.

These Karmas will serve as precursors working like a hidden power to make your goal progress.

The idea is to direct your soul towards a powerful Karma which acts like a driving force for your personal goals.

If your goal is to have a fruit, your Karma is to first grow a tree.

If your goal is to receive things from the Universe, your Karma is to first give things to the universe.

We all want things in life but are ignorant of the big blueprint “Karma” that can make the path easier and progress faster.

Until and unless your soul creates a good karma, you will keep facing struggles in your personal goals.



Take help of the Creator by giving your help to its Creation, that’s how your life becomes Beautiful.

Be good at giving, you will not have worry about receiving. 

Make 2024 the best year of your Life by working on your goals along with spiritual goals for your Soul.



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