Let your Kindness flow out!


The world outside might instill love and hatred, making you reflect that likewise. 

The point of concern is, will that external resourcing make these attributes your inherent and real forever?

Well it’s not a random No but a logical denial.

 It will cost you more than a lifetime to have this assurance of external resourcing in the right direction of refinement, that’s Love and Kindness. Expecting the world to refine you and wait for it’s goodness to create one in you is a higher level of impossibility.

Create and build your own empire of Kindness that will never exhaust and be futile. The one that you will invest upon to have your own creation will surpass the one that is dependent on the world outside. 

The world has this divine beauty of reciprocation for your inherent kindness. So let it never depend rather reach out beyond the plane of earth, it does infect and spread.

The general state of the world has become “I’ll be kind and good if I’ll receive that, else not waste”. How self harming we have turned up!

The attributes that will uplift your aura, your inner self, your positive energy are being delimited because of ignorance.

Let the deliverance of your love and kindness  be incessant, making every soul  you come across a transformed one.

Universe then magically assists in the divine work of cloning.

Let your kindness flow out, its massively impact full!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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