Let the attachments drain and Love flow in!

Let the attachments drain and love flow in!

Each passing moment makes me realize I understand Life a level better and the very next moment it makes me look  like a Newcomer. Every time I sit down to think that how complex or more precisely complicated life is, I come up with a thought,

“The layers that keep unveiling and are unending” -This is how Life Is!

I sat down and woke up with a room for more to understand, more to accept and more with the need to grow.

What struck me was who masters Life?

Certainly one who is Free, A free soul!

Free from attachments. Does that really make the one appear ruthless and aloof?  It might be a Yes, but only to those who associate being attached with being loving, which are actually poles apart. The former hides a desire to always receive back in return thats invested, bringing all together a pain rain and the latter is where a soul feels rich enough of love to always give making all the pain drain.

Somewhere I had sheltered a thought, a mindset that attachments are love driven. Getting a layer deeper, I’m being able to understand, they aren’t! The point when we attach to something or someone marks the inflow of expectations. A stage where desire to receive outshines the joy to give.

Getting attached is in a way expecting back something in return . The reciprocation that is assumed as Joy, love or happiness.

 I realized, I was living a life being attached which would never resource me but vacate me of all the love that I have.

“Being able to discover joy in letting the love bloom and not confine is what I was finding the real elixir of life in”.

Being loving, an unconditional gesture that will never make us short of love is what I was pushed to think and understand.

It was as  simple as this,“The more tightly you hold your things with a fear of losing them, the more they will try slipping away” It will always be about who is willing to be held and stay.

I gave time for self-introspection and found flaws and lacuna. I sat down and woke up with a realization that the life I was assuming living rightly, needed refinement.

Attachment is what that speaks for itself than for the others. Being attached will never measure us on the scale of love but an obsession to have it as per our convenience.

What I concluded is, Life gives an opportunity to refine and understand it a bit of more. Before I unveil another layer of Life, I felt the need to mend the current one first.  Abandoning the attachments would be the hardest. It’s about giving your share of love and forgetting. Not expecting an equal reciprocation and this is what will need a massive transformation. 

The one that is hard to find around and hardest to cultivate.

The tiniest emotion invested greed for more in return, the natural tendency we all have been tamed with. What I understood is one will not abstain from being attached till the attachment is being sheltered and resourced.

And the point when the reservoir of love will exhaust, attachments will  be hampered.

What makes them exhaust was a major concern.

Its when attachment replaces being loving, it becomes more of a pleasure to always have and receive than to deliver. This is when we fall short of love.

I am trying to figure out  the fate of being attached and all that I am able to sum up is, nothing can be more joyous than selfless love. We do not have to search for it or wait for it to come back, it finds its way back. All that’s needed is to love without an intention .

 I quite profoundly discovered that Love will find harder to stay where it’s expected more as a convenience than just a moment of real joy. 

Another thought that was trying its way in was “Is getting attached to materialistic things a pain again? 

For a moment I tried thinking of a situation where all that earned is snatched away taking me a level down. Will I be indifferent to the depreciation or harassed by the loss?

I felt a soul fearing this back gear and that is what made me realize,  “Money does make us buy things but never own them”.  Enjoying the comforts of things we have is one part and completely depending upon them is another. The dependence is where attachment begins. A point when we feel the ownership to never lose. The truth is, we hardly own anything, not even ourselves.

I thought and felt the need to not detach but not be resourced with a false joy. Things and life around gravitate towards us just like a magnetic pull but then with an uncertainty. Let not the ownership rule, but freedom be felt.

Having pondered over all this, I felt it’s not we who unveil these unending layers of Life rather Life itself, with an intent to refine us.  It’s for us to decide whether to resource our reservoir of love or fall short of it still.

If you happen to read this, think for a while what is being sheltered, being attached or being loving?

Or is it, you still living the false joy!

I sat down and woke up with this, “Let the attachments drain and love flow in”– an attempt to Imbibe!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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