Leave your comfort zones!


Like the silkworm stuck inside the cocoon we  too, are in our comfort zones.

Getting adapted to a situation or a lifestyle is one such thing that gives me a sense of both positive and negative. 

When I think of a chaotic situation, I feel it first demands acceptance and then a  little adaptation to survive it, now this sounds something for a positive purpose. 

But at the same time, getting adapted to this situation to a limit where your mind no longer pushes you to be out of it, is immensely negative. 

Yes, at times, we do get comfortable with uncomfortable situations too and that’s the point when our capabilities and capacity is hijacked. 

Your tendency to live the chaos with limitless acceptance might jeopardize your zeal to make it surrender.

We got to accept the situation just enough to fight it and not embrace it as something permanent. 

I would quote the attitude as,

 “I accept my chaos but never forever”.

Now when I think of a life that’s easy and comfortable, the level of comfort zone increases manifolds. 

Being comfortable is not bad but making that comfort a reason for your stagnancy is a big bad one.

We are so much habituated with the ease of this comfort zone, that irrespective of awareness of our boundless potential we tend to overlook it.

Accomplishments pertaining to material things or something soulful demand a little discomfort to be felt that somehow triggers you to leave the comfort zone.

Until and unless you do not push your mind towards a goal or a magnificent dream or  a strong purpose, the comfort keeps it’s voice aloud and puts you in procrastination.

“Comforts of life are far-fetched for the ones who get comfortable with their comfort zones”.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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