Justify your Help!


Something that’s out of choice, willingness  and humanity makes that gesture of help a noble one and when some intention precedes , it turns out to be malicious.

 The word Help somehow gives us a reflection of the two entities: weak and powerful or competent and less competent in our minds. 

Yes certainly there might be a degree of more knowledge, more wisdom, more resources,more ability or more humanity in the one who  stretches  out to help and something deficient in the one who is seeking help. 

But certainly there are also  times when it’s nothing about the two entities that make one help and the other seek for it and that’s when it’s completely out of love and emotional connection.

The word help can be as little as passing a cup of water where that pinch of humanity shows up and can be as big as making an effort to uplift the weak, making sacrifices for your tribe or even becoming a support system to motivate them.

Well what I really want to emphasize is what is your drive to help someone in any little or big way?

Is it a feeling of joy, sense of peace and bliss that you receive and feel when you stretch out to help someone, be it your tribe or even a stranger or is it some intentional motive of self benefit that pushes you to help ?

If it’s the former one that you fit in, the justice to the word Help is honestly being done but if you fall into the latter one, you surely need a self introspection.

Yes, the word Help should stand without a purpose or motive as the gesture builds a sense of trust on the seeker and if intentions behind that gesture start popping up, the word help will lose its meaning.

There is yet another thing to add on to it, the word expectations!

Yes there is this fine line difference between intentions and expectations. 

There are situations when you are always there to help people and that somehow unintentionally creates a sense of expectation which might be like expecting people to be there for you in return when you need them. To not expect anything in return would definitely be something appreciable, commendable and the purest form of Help but then if it ever roots up, it will still not belittle your gesture as much as the one that has an intention of some favor or personal benefit in it.

If your gesture of help towards a good cause has a bad intention, it will readily  manifest and fail to blossom. 

Helping in any way needs  transparency of thoughts that will be sensed by the seekers as well as the universe. 

More than benefiting someone with your noble gesture, the gesture is a blessing to you in the first place.

I’ll sum up with a quote,

Help yourself to first be free from that attitude of conditional help before you stretch out for someone on the outside”

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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