Inspiring Kahani of Kahani Suno Boy 2.0 : Kaifi Khalil

Inspiring Kahani of “Kahani Suno 2.0 Boy”: Kaifi Khalil

Inspiring Kahani of "Kahani Suno 2.0 Boy": Kaifi Khalil

Inspiring Kahani of Kahani Suno Boy 2.0 : Kaifi Khalil
Inspiring Kahani of "Kahani Suno 2.0 Boy": Kaifi Khalil

My Spotify music library has a unique way of collecting songs from Instagram Reels.

The song that soothes me the most, is instantly searched on Spotify and it gets added to my music list.

And the song is then on Repeat!

Instagram reels are addictive and when it comes to the wedding reels, the share button is the lucky one!

It is pressed the most and my best girls are the ones whom I share them to, or they share them to me.

Though I’m not much of an Instagram freak, the scrolling part after a while gives me a sense of something trying to control and tame me. And I hate that feeling of being controlled by a gadget.

Other than controlling, getting engaged in something that I Am not living in, I Am not having in my life, indirectly feeds my mind with unrealistic things which further interfere with my life.

And I do not allow anyone to interfere to such a level. Yes, not even any social portal!

Only after Iam done with my daily chores, and my day-to-day tasks, I take a quick peek at these entertaining reels to just satisfy my dopamine.

A great inspiring video, a life lesson, the funniest stuff, a beautiful backdrop or a Sabyasachi bride or a dapper groom are enough for me and my best friends to share the reel with each other.

So, it was one of the shared reels that I received a few days back and the background music was ….

Kahani Suno..

Zubani Suno ..

Mujhe pyar hua Tha..

Ikraar Hua Tha.

The video did not capture me as much as I was swayed by the song in the background.

Searched for it on Spotify, added it to my soothing list and then it was on Repeat.

Now that I was listening to the song almost daily, my memory had stored it permanently somewhere.

What came as a surprise to me was that the next time when I scrolled through Instagram, I saw the entire portal was flooded with the song Kahani Suno. 1.6 million reels were up on Instagram with this song.

This was boggling.

And with each passing day, the number of reels was becoming a myriad.

Almost every couple’s reel was with this song in the background.

Yes, it became Trending like crazy.

I have a peculiar habit to research things that become everyone’s taste. It surprised me that the song that I loved had become viral on social media which made me curious to dig deeper into this song.

I wanted to know everything about the song, the singer and how it became globally famous.

When creative work receives such a grand appreciation and love, the story behind the work will not be any less inspiring.

And I wanted to know the story.

The Kahani of Kahani Suno Boy!

Dived in to do the Research

The first thing I did was search for the song on YouTube.

A simple lean boy, wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans with no great landscape background, no girl in the video.

Just the Boy and the Music!

And the video had reached 15 crore Views.

I was taken aback by the figure.

It almost perplexed me.

In the times of glamour when the videos are made with everything high-end, putting in all the shimmer, beauty, romance, and best landscapes to make them stand out, this simple video was Incomparable.

It had nothing like that.

What special did the video have that surpassed all the limelight of those tempting videos?

I watched the video and found it very soothing, soft and was far away from the loud music.

It had the breath of youth and the emotion of old soul.

And that was enough to tickle the young blood!

The music of the song was divine. One boy making millions rhyme on his music was something stupendous.

My mind was intrigued, and I wanted to dig more into the real stuff.

Creative Work cannot be bribed

The world is high on competition in almost every sphere of creative work.

And to stand out globally with a piece of creative work that is entirely judged and approved by the Public makes it truly a Masterpiece.

Art cannot be bribed and that is what makes it Incomparable and difficult.

Art is like your Religion which only with Dedication can show one’s faith in it.

The name is Kaifi Khalil.

The boy is from Karachi and lives in a small town called Lyari.


The Inspiring Kahani of Kahani Suno 2.0 boy-Kaifi Khalil

So, what is the Kahani of Kahani Suno Boy Kaifi Khalil?

I had just scratched the surface and there was much to this story of Kahani Suno Fame.

Google and YouTube are gold mines of information but what information you take from them decides whether you get the gold or you collect the trash.

So, I took the plunge and went in to find who this boy Kaifi Khalil was.

And I found that the boy is from Pakistan, a Baloch Singer, songwriter and composer based in Karachi, not one of the most sensational famous singers but a common boy from the village of Lyari.

He rose to prominence in 2022 after his debut in Coke Studio’s Balochi song “Kana Yaari”

In one of the interviews by Fuchsia’s Rabia Mughni on a YouTube channel, the young singer Kaifi opened up candidly about his journey from a struggling phase to stardom. He talked about both the struggle of his personal life as well as his professional life.

Kaifi’s father was also a local Balochi Singer.

His childhood was not like that of a happy-go-lucky family. He was not born to a well-to-do family but one who spent his childhood in abject poverty.

Kaifi worked in small shops and construction sites

The biggest challenge for any child is not about being born to a poor family but being unfortunate to not have parents in childhood.

The family situation was difficult, but it became a whole lot of challenge when his father passed away and he was just a child.

The father who took charge of the family, the family, which was already having their heads under water, his passing away came like a storm leaving Kaifi’s family all unarmed and helpless.

This sudden loss made Kaifi and his brother grow up faster than others.

They took up small jobs like working in shops and construction sites.

While I was going through these fine details of Kaifi’s childhood, I was getting into my imagination.

Working in small shops is a common view that we all happen to see every other day.

The little boys are seen working with the shop owners to meet their ends.

For a moment I just paused to think of all the young boys and girls I had seen whenever I entered any store or shop.

They are not even considered as someone that the world would give their attention to.

But if you think deeply, if a child is working when he or she is supposed to be in school, there is a story behind it, there is a struggle behind it, there is pain behind it, there are deep wishes and dreams behind it.

And despite all this, this innocence receives ignorance or if not ignorance then just overlooked.

And one such child that we happen to see around in every nook and cranny was Kaifi Khalil.

The one who grew up looking after his family.

He had started working early on when he was tender, getting involved in small jobs like going to the place where his brother worked and earning a few pennies per day.


Kaifi had nothing but one gift

Kaifi had nothing that he could say that God had been kind.

He was not even blessed to see what school looked like.

Never knew what a teacher is.

Not that his family stopped him but somehow school just did not happen.

But he did learn languages like Urdu and English from his friends.

But there was one gift that he had and valued the most.

All the missing things look trivial if you have one gift that makes you alive.

And it was Music for Kaifi.

All his tragedies and struggles looked small because the gift of music was so great that he could confide his soul in it.

Knowing what your gift of Life is the biggest blessing of Human Life!

And amidst the chaos, Kaifi knew his gift which he called His Family.

And he wanted to make it more beautiful.

All the pennies that he would collect from the daily tasks, he would spare some to buy cassettes and musical instruments since he was so enthusiastic about music and wanted to carry on his late father’s musical legacy.

He would collect all the cassettes and store them in a big box as his collection and not allow anyone to fidget with them.

His love for this gift was so deep that listening to the music was like a one-time meal to him.

It was like he worshipped his music with all his soul.

To buy the cassettes so that he could practice music, he had noone in the family he could ask for money from.

If it was his passion, it was his headache.

Not that his family was objectionable, but they could not afford to give him things he needed for his passion.

So, He took responsibility for his passion.

And by working for months in such small daily jobs, he afforded to buy an ordinary guitar.

Kaifi would then go out and sit anywhere under the sun, close his eyes and start singing.

After the song, he would find his pockets with money. People would come, listen and pay him for his voice.

He was unaware of who came and put money in his pocket.

All he was understanding was that God had given him some medium, a gift that he could make people pay for.

And by collecting this money he then bought a better guitar.

Not the one that anyone from a well-to-do family would go and buy for his or her passion.

It was still the one from a local market that could just pump up his music a little better.

And while he was engrossed in his passion some friends would even ridicule him for his work. They would demotivate him.

But then there were others who kept nudging him towards his passion and supported him to pursue it when the reality was that Kaifi was not a learned singer.

But he loved singing and that was enough for him to keep moving.

With little appreciation from here and there, from kith and kin, Kaifi got the motivation that kept him taking steps forward.

Kaifi reaching his Stardom

When everyone who knew Kaifi was sure that he would not do anything other than music, friends came up with recommendations for music Schools where he could learn guitar and music.

And with one such recommendations, he got selected for a music School where his Passion took one step up.

He then started his YouTube channel on 01/July/2015 and started to work on it.

He would have never imagined that someday this channel would bring him to the limelight and make him the talk of the town.

He tried to look for his voice in his language Urdu and kept working on his skill.

And with time his YouTube channel started growing and he fetched a myriad of fans and followers.

And while he was working on his channel, he uploaded a song called Kahani Suno which got great appreciation.

And with this song, something magical happened.

A renowned musician Zulfi associated with Coke studio called Kaifi one night and told him how much he liked his voice.

He asked him to send him his three samples.

This sudden call was no less than a Miracle.

I’m narrating the story to you because it was moving me at every level, at every point.

The story is enough to make us understand that…Miracles are possible.

We just need to believe in our Beliefs and work on our Goals.

Kaifi’s dedication to his music had no boundaries and that is what made him reach a place where his voice got millions of ears.

The Coke Studio!

After Coke studio happened, Kaifi was no longer the common boy from Lyari.

And then in 2022 Kahani Suno 2.0 was released which shook millions of souls.

This song became the top song on Spotify in Pakistan and many other countries were blown away with his music.

Kaifi became the Star!

How did Kahani Suno 2.0 become the top, Hit?

The stardom was not sudden.

Kaifi’s Kahani Suno 2.0 was a Miracle.

When you put your soul into your passion and love working on it, it silently keeps on becoming beautiful.

Kaifi loved his gift, and he knew its value.

And when you love the work you do, you do not work to get something in return…

You work to create something out of it.

When you make your work the King, Success starts serving you!

So did Kaifi make his work the King…

And Kahani Suno 2.0 served him stardom.

It took him years of slogging to reach a point where he could make a Masterpiece.

What has Kaifi’s story for us to take away?

Kaifi found his gift when he was a child and I found it when I was an adult. But the fact that I realized I have a passion and dared to chase it even when it was hard to pursue, I was still fortunate to find it in the first place.

This story of Kaifi Khalil is a great inspiration to understand how passion shows up in its results.

Not overnight but over some time.

10 great inspiring lessons from this Kahani of Kahani Suno 2.0 Boy-Kaifi Khalil:

  1. When you treat your work like your child, it does not feel like work. It becomes a play.
  2. If it’s something that you desperately want, every obstacle that stops you from working for it is an excuse.
  3. To come up with your best performance, you have to go through many average ones, good ones even the bad ones.
  4. The one great product you come up with is not because of the effort you just put into it; it is the excellence that you built after putting countless efforts into all your previous products.
  5. World does not applaud you until you have not been approved by the Universe for how deserving you are.
  6. Passion does not require you to be rich or have a supportive family. It demands you to just take responsibility for your passion and do everything that can make you build it.
  7. You do not have to worry about how your passion will reach its Destination, you just have to keep working on it.
  8. Friends who will demotivate you on your journey are your biggest motivation. We need some negative people to not let our fire go off. 
  9. Only the vital that goes Viral gives real stardom, rest fades away.
  10. Passion never means you are best in it; it means you have a willingness to work and become best in it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Let me know in the comments section below.

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Inspiring Kahani of Kahani Suno Boy 2.0 : Kaifi Khalil

Inspiring Kahani of “Kahani Suno 2.0 Boy”: Kaifi Khalil

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