How to find peace of mind and happiness!


Relax and just breathe!

I know you have been struggling much for this. Searching for something that could actually direct you to attain peace in spite of the hustle in your life. 

Tried what not but still those creepy disturbing thoughts are at war with your peace.

I can really understand how it feels when tides of life hit you so hard that you feel, a calm and peaceful mind, something unachievable. 

And there are even times when it’s not essentially the big reasons that make you lose your peace but mere petty issues of life.

But whatever the reason is, big or small, the point is, it has interfered and challenged your soul and mind for peace and happiness. 

I will try putting in my honest efforts to get you the hold of that distancing peace and happiness.

So if I ask , what does peace mean to you?

Is it something that masks your worries and makes you feel happy about the good joyous things around you, something that makes you feel still fortunate for a number of blessings when misfortunes are in abundance or something that calms your mind irrespective of worldly worries. 

It may be defined in a different manner by each one of us but what we intent to attain is a common goal 

“A state of mind that you have a control on  and can channelize towards calmness and happy state”

It’s commonly preached that peace is about having stability of mind and thoughts amidst the noise of  life. Well, I feel humans are the most vulnerable entities. To have peace amidst chaos will not be at ease and not the way how easily it’s said. It’s undoubtedly a challenge to find peace when it’s a real hard game. 

When something tours your mind to stress you, peace and happiness turns out to be a stranger. Something that appears to be so far fetched and unattainable that losing it makes you dump more into those drowning thoughts.

Before you think of how to achieve a state of peaceful mind and feel happiness , its so very important to first know what Peace is all about!

It’s a state of mind that’s achieved with an effort to control and make the good things of your life dance and let  odd things hibernate.

The worries, the issues and the traumas will walk parallel to your blessings, celebrations and fortunes, and so will their disturbance come along. 

But it’s not about not getting affected by them, I presume that’s so irrational. Things will keep impacting us till we are connected to this temporary life.

It’s about diverting from these inevitable worries of life towards that every little treasure you have. 

A state of mind that is happy with the moment. Yes the moment that too is a struggling one for you, but having a winning attitude towards struggle and  perceive the light side.

So what has made you deprived of your peace?

It could be anything from office to home. Anything that could dominate you to disturb you.

In a situation where you feel, your mind has lost the ability to limit its destructive thoughts, peace becomes a thirst for your existence.

Attaining a state of peaceful mind will need a resource that can guide and direct you towards a relaxed content state.

I will try to divert your focus on some of the resources that will help you cage your disturbing thoughts and helps you find your peace.


Like the involuntary action of your blinking eyelids, mind works the same way.

It does not seek your permission before getting into those peace attacking thoughts. But you still have the major control.

Tame your self to shout and say STOP whenever the mind dive into the zone of distraction. Question your mind and find answers. Yes it sounds weird but trust me posing rational questions to your mind will make you take control over your disturbing involuntary thoughts. 

Ask these 5 questions to yourself when your mind blinks to cage you in those disturbing thoughts. 

  1. Am I thinking rationally about my worry?
  2. Do I have a solution for this?
  3. Will it last forever or for a while
  4. Will thinking help me to come out of it?
  5. Will my mind ever find peace in thinking things that bother me ?

Well there is nothing that lasts forever, the universal truth!

You get over every loss, turmoil and challenge with time. Time fades away the one that seems impossible too.

So there is nothing that can last forever, it’s you who have to become rational and let these worldly worries not damage you permanently.

You need to speak to your mind rather command it to not overpower your ability of being stable,rational and decisive. These questions will frame your answer to stop your mind from a devastating act of irrational overthinking. 


Well this looks an old one but trust me this is the one like a goldmine.

You are almost bored of this word that you do not even strive to understand its immense beauty and joy. Let’s get that boredom out and fall in love.

Self love is never to be given a back seat but to be prioritized foremost. 

When things disturb your stable and content mind and soul, the first move is to divert yourself and engage in things that can just vent out your millions of endorphins, taking you into a self driven peaceful world. Self love is one such great engagement, the most powerful tool that will not force your mind but rather make it free flowing with rejuvenating thoughts. 

The most beautiful you and your body is what gets suffered when situations bother you to a level that mind loses its freedom and gets caged in them.

Make a move to step towards yourself and give yourself the needed love before pouring it out. Things that bother you make you deprived of the love for self which indirectly resource the hatred for others. 

Find ways that make your body feel good first which further works in making your mind feel relaxed and free. 

How about looking great and being praised then , does it give you those happy thought moments? Yes undoubtedly, we all love to be praised, admired for looking great.

So just work on your self love and give the best to shine bright.


Peace will always be far fetched if you have an attitude of finding everything everytime perfect for you.

You pray to that one Absolute being, that things should turn into your favour and then put an immense faith not on yourself but on the Creator. These prayers and this approach will push you more into that unhappy disturbed state because things will not turn up as per your prayers and trust me they will never.

You will keep struggling for  peace and it will keep  appearing distant from you but changing the attitude towards things and your prayers will make a massive leap in peace attainment. 

Do not ask best for yourself rather pray for you to be best in whatever the situation you are put into. The situations will be inevitable but you and your attitude will make them surmount and keep your peace intact. 


Yes a very occupied life it seems, that you almost presume yourself short of time. Reality is, that you are never short of time, but short of an attitude to  invest in productive things.

Monitor yourself ,your day activities and your engagements. You will surely find those few hours of your personal space which are being used to consume you and not evolve.

They are the hours which need a complete eradication if peace is what you feel is losing you. Get yourself involved in your passion, your hobbies with an intent to furnish your attributes and grow.

The hours invested on self are the key to your peace even in the most unpleasant situations. 


Spectating the fascinating life of others to find joy is the biggest myth ever.

Social portals had a purpose to connect friends which are now on an extreme different track.

There is now the least interaction and maximum stalking making us all shallow and hollowed out.

You will keep yourself digged into a state of unpleasantness till you keep spectating people. You got to change your path and head towards the real side of life, the Nature, the creations, the survivors, the legends, the real inspiring people and everything around that will resource your wisdom and make you grow. Assuming for a while that having a glimpse of a tempting life of others will resource you with peace is more like fooling yourself. 

Filter your thoughts to understand what is to be  consumed and absorbed. Come out of the little screen that you have made your world to the real free world outside and feel magical inflow of something very captivating.


Last but not the least, connect yourself to the one’s who are not born as blessed as you are.

Having a close eye on these deprived souls will undoubtedly be a feeling of pain but surely an affirmed gratitude for self. 

 You will keep finding reasons to curse yourself until and unless you do not observe the deprived majority who yearn to have a life as yours.

Life is not about changing a situation nor is it about being trapped in it, its about growing and evolving with it.

Don’t get entangled ,get involved!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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Aakriti Bahuguna
Aakriti Bahuguna
3 years ago

Very nice ?

3 years ago

Reading this amazing post reminds me of musk deer searching for fragrance in forest. Peace and happiness is contained within us ,just that we have to look inwards

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