How to be happy always: The art of happiness

How to be happy always: The art of happiness

How to be happy always?
The art of Happiness

How to be happy always: The art of happiness
Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances , to choose one's own way. ~ Victor Frankl

How to be Happy always: The art of Happiness

Not most of us, rather all of us struggle to find how to be happy always. But only few succeed to create the art of happiness. 


“To be happy for a reason is the reason that stops you from always being happy”. 

It’s because you will not always have a reason to smile.

And even when the reason you waited so long to be happy for, one day suddenly becomes a passing memory and so does happiness. 

Something you never wished for.

You get confused, whether you wanted things or you wanted happiness.

The sad part is, the two don’t stay together for long. 

No matter how big your desire is, it cannot make you happy forever.


We all are dwelling on a false picture of happiness. 

Our misery is not unhappiness, it is our ignorance to understand what happiness is, that keeps us away from being happy.


If you have stumbled upon this article, then you are someone looking out to find what exactly happiness is before you start finding it.

Because your past experiences with things that you associated happiness with have not gone a long way.

And I understand the ache.

You bought that happy hour in return for something, but it didn’t stay long.

Waited for another such hour one after another anticipating it might someday stay with you.

But it never did.



What makes you


When happiness depletes, the reason is not one. 

Some of the prime reasons that stop you from being happy always are:

  • There is a desire you chase. And you expect happiness the day it turns into reality. 
  • Comfort is what you call happiness. So, when there is a discomfort or inconvenience in your life, happiness feels blocked.
  • Sometimes boredom and emptiness make you feel unhappy because you are constantly expecting excitement and fun in your life.
  • There are times when something does not work for you and the frustration steals away your happiness.

In every situation, you are depending for happiness on something on the outside.

 If so and so will happen, you will become happy.

Your happiness is dependent on how you want your life to go. There is a picture in your mind of how things should move in your life.

But when the reality hits you different, happiness gets hijacked. 

This sums up to this:

When the reason for your happiness is strangled, happiness is strangled too.



Do we have a choice to always be happy or not?

Do we have a choice to be happy or not?

Situations and our thinking pattern control our happiness.


When situations become catastrophic:

There will be harrowing times when life will feel trampled, and you will have no reason to be happy about it.

You will have moments when you’ll be torn apart and left with no choice but to moan over the crisis.

When you go through a problem you haven’t dealt with earlier, you struggle to find the solution before you find happiness.

Happiness is about living in the moment but when the moment is choking, happiness is not an easy choice.

Rather it’s not a choice at all.


In such situations, happiness is the biggest challenge. 

And happiness gets pushed under the rug.

It is hard to be happy while standing amidst the storm.

It’s like asking someone to smile on day one at a family funeral. 

But then when the days are blue, the whole idea is not about being happy, it is about not letting sadness invade to the point that it destroys you.


When thinking pattern decides your Happiness:

There are times when you have no big reason to lament but because your inner realm is constantly desiring something more from life, you fail to relish your present. 

In such situations, the challenge is not happiness, it is to change the perception towards happiness. 

So, Happiness is at stake because you are depending on stuff that’s not around the corner and not under your control as well.

You aren’t unhappy, you have a false picture of happiness that keeps you away from it.

The idea is not about killing your dreams, it is to not kill life while waiting for the dreams. 

Happiness might not be the choice always, but it will always be an option for you.

Sometimes it’s not about being happy, it’s about working for happiness. 



Happiness is not about overriding sadness. 

Happiness never meant overriding your sadness.

It is not about escaping the dark tunnel to sit in that bright sunlight. It is not about enjoying and partying when you have fallen into an abyss you are struggling to come out from.

Happiness on the contrary is about learning to accept the Dark. 


To not feel suffocated for being stranded in a dark place.

When you accept the chapter, you never wanted to be in, you start understanding it. 

When you uncover the unwanted chapter, that’s when you begin to take hold of it.

Sadness is not the problem; it is when you fail to find a solution.



I was a miserable soul in a bad chapter on day 1 and became a Happy one in the same story on day 500.

What changed?

I never knew I’ll have to someday struggle to know how to be happy always, how to build the art of happiness to survive under all circumstances.


When I was hit by a rock, I almost shattered into pieces, and happiness fell apart.

Happiness wasn’t snatched but I was bombarded with so much pain and sadness that I could not locate where exactly it was lying.

I could not find Happiness in the debris of Sadness.

But because sadness was chipping away at my mental peace, I felt the urge, that queer feeling of something badly missing. 

And I started to look for a way out without escaping my pain.


On day 1, I was clueless about what road I had to take, where my happiness was or how I would ever reach it.

But I embraced the pain and tried to understand its purpose and the message.

The moment I embraced it, the same pain started to teach me how I could build my happy monument despite the dark.

The rock was still hitting me, but I had found ways to guard myself. 

I had figured out how to shelter my home. I had learnt to swim.

If not cheerful but it made me breathe in peace despite my catastrophic situations.

So, when you dare yourself to explore the unknown uncomfortable place you have fallen in, you start becoming resistant to the situation. 

And that’s when you get your hands on happiness.



Until you understand this, Happiness is going to be a challenge.

There are no outside causes of happiness or unhappiness. These things are just excuses. By and by we come to realize that it is something inside us that goes on changing, that has nothing to do with outside circumstances.


The human mind betrays.

You imagined things to give you happiness, but you see a different picture in reality.

What you anticipated would make you happy, does not serve you for long.

You were certain having a dream come true would keep you happy forever. But then you had something new to dream about.

So, there is a constant desire for something more and new that you want to be served with.

And this has a cascading effect. 

Wherein reality is, nothing on the outside has to be repaired to make you happy.

Instead, we need to mend our inner realm so that you locate reservoir of happiness.


People often mistake highs for happiness. Highs are short-lived and intense. They leave you feeling empty afterwards. Therefore highs often become addictive. Happiness is long-lived and calming. It’s like pleasant background music to everything else you do in life. Happiness is the side effect of wanting to chase nothing, change nothing.”

Mark Manson

We have a deep conditioning of associating happiness with that big moment in life we dream of.

And this approach towards happiness chips away at the quality of our life.

We wait for the highs anticipating happiness to come and sit forever. 

But the truth is, no moment stays forever. 

Even the highs are normalized and so is happiness coming along with it.

Only if you understand happiness is not about reaching the Highs, but living every phase with acceptance, you will find yourself not depending on any change on the outside.



How to be happy always: The art of happiness

Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts.

~Abraham Hicks

The 5 ways to find how to be happy always will make you understand the art of happiness and help you beat the unwelcome chapters of life.


Make the Journey inwards.

Don’t open the door outwards, step inwards.

When I say this, I want you to shut the door that opens to the world you will never have with you forever.

I know this is hard to gulp.

But then the secret sauce to happiness is not an easy recipe.

You’ll have to toil and give your arduous attempt before you can taste it.

But why inward?

Because that’s what is going to stay with you forever. But this piece of wisdom is lost on most of us.


While growing up, our attention was stolen by the tempting world outside.

Our definition of happiness became all about the stuff on the outside. 

We got lost in something that we were going to lose someday but our ignorance led us more into it.

And coming back to our inner realm now became a hard ride.

The truth is, it’s tempting outside but the eternal bliss lies inside.

So, until you keep yourself tied to things you will never carry permanently with you, you will fear losing them.

And this palpable fear will interfere with your happiness. 

You have to separate yourself from the temporary stuff on which your happiness breathes and take a plunge into the ocean you are always going to stay in.


Choose Needs and limit the wants.

Our life is a crisis not because our needs are unmet.

But because our “wants” are not met.

That does not mean you have to kill your desires.

It just means you have to stop yourself from killing the joy of having things you once desired.

So, to have a good life, you do not need to have everything that you want, but not want everything that is not your need.

When your joy only on your wants, the needs fail to satisfy you.

And the sad part is, “wants” never have a finishing line.

But then I do not mean, Stop Dreaming.

I simply mean:

Grow without growing Greed.


Accept suffering as much as glorious days.

Happiness was strangled not because good days showed their back. It is because you showed your back to bad days.

I do not deny that bad days are not hard.

They are cumbersome. 

All I mean is, Happiness starts derailing the moment you repel the bad days.

When you accept suffering, you save Happiness from dying.



Do what brings you Meaning

Do what brings you Meaning


When things you associate joy with appear to tarnish, when something catastrophic strikes you and when emptiness gulps you, happiness appears to dwindle. 

On such blue days when you collapse and struggle for the tiniest pill of happiness, Life looks dreadful and murky.

And here in such times, if there is something that can breathe life into you, it is only your indulgence in something creative and purposeful that can almost hallucinate you, helping you dump the trash in your mind. 



Practicing self-improvement and Self-care 

When you look better and grow into a better person, it gives an edge to your personality.

When people revere your persona, your joy quadruples.

When you work on yourself, people look up to you for inspiration and that’s what forges a deeper and beautiful bond with yourself. 

Exams are not easy but the happiness that comes with great results is worth the hard work.

So is the happiness that comes when you shine bright and look unique in the crowd.

The privilege of walking with confidence and having people’s admiration for you is priceless. 

No matter what internal mess you are in, when you make conscious efforts to indulge yourself in self-care and self-improvement, the happiness that you feel is an antidote. 



I hope you got some good takeaways from this blog post.

I’ll suggest you bookmark those points and get them working real into your Life.

Reading the blog post will not be enough to combat the situations where you struggle for happiness.

You will need to give yourself reminders and practice things that can make your life better no matter how it is going.


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