How This Little Princess made me The Guest of Honor



We all love kids but not each one of us forges a bond with them. It’s because it’s really hard to match their innocence.

They dwell in a little pure world of their own, far from malice, far from dirt and very far from the material world. They own a soul that we strive to cultivate.

We who have witnessed the maliciousness of the world need to first filter our minds before we think of making some real connection with them.

Their untouched souls are a mirror of what we wish to achieve, the Happiness!

It simply sums up to this:

“We need so less to be happy and so much to continue being unhappy”

Their companionship is one sweetest way that can help us refine into happier souls like them. But it needs a conscious effort to make these tiny souls fall for your companionship.

  • Not that we have ugly hearts but not as pure as them.
  • Not that they are demanding but they sense the malice and repel it.
  • Not that they are stubborn, but they have a different way to understand things.
  • Not that they do weird things, but they do them like crazy.

Lately, I have been sensing a connection with these tiny humans. I  came across a couple of experiences where I felt a feeling of euphoria in their company.

Not that I’m someone who matches their purity but someone who loves to feel their innocence and be infected by it.

And somehow it does work, it does help, it does make me a better human, a better soul and make life better too.

One beautiful experience that I was fortunate enough to have some days back made me understand that the more we connect with these souls the more we connect with the divine power itself.

They are the souvenirs of God himself!

The experience that had a lasting imprint in my heart and a feeling of being the Guest of honor.

So It was a birthday evening that I was invited to and it started with an invitation call from one of my x-colleagues Ankur. A person I would introduce as someone real and humble.

Having worked with him for years, the relationship was a transaction of all the good things and wise things.

Always there in the good times and a listening ear on bad days those were going parallel.

He called me when I was on my way home and invited me to his son Jigar’s Birthday which was to be celebrated a few days later.

And it was a Yes from this side. I confirmed and asked for the venue.

After I disconnected, the next thing that struck me was to buy a gift before it was late enough that I made a wrong choice in haste.

I jumped into a nearby shop to find something good and purposeful and what I came out with were a school bag and a pencil box.

I felt that it would do complete justice to the purpose.Came back home and packed the gift and I was done with it.

The birthday celebration was planned for the evening time and that made it more feasible for me to attend.

My family had moved back to our hometown after a decade so I was putting up alone, a little homesick, so this invitation did buy me some moments of joy.

I was happy to be a part of the evening though I had no company to accompany me. 

But then I’m one of those people who are fairly good enough in finding and making a good company with new people too.

It was a Saturday evening and I had reached home from my office. The exhaustion didn’t feel much as the birthday evening was waiting.

I haven’t been able to squeeze time for outings like these in the past many years, so now when I was going; it was a good feeling to get ready.

I pulled off a dark blue top with a skirt printed in multiple colors and hair on one side.

I left for the venue.

It took me around 30 minutes to arrive.

And the moment I reached the place I saw my colleague waving to me, I parked in a nearby open space, adjusted my attire, gave a little sneak peek into the car’s door mirror and I was fit to go.

I entered and wished the adorable birthday boy Jigar and met my colleague Ankur and his beautiful wife Parul, the two humble souls.

Going to parties is not something that I’m comfortable with or habitual to, for the plain reason that it has been years I haven’t been out to such parties and celebrations for my personal family reasons.

But this was coming from people I resonated with, got along well with and above all the humble souls I could feel joyous with and then I was alone to not worry of family back home. So there was this buoyancy I could feel for being a part of their celebration.

There was this complete one floor of the restaurant where the birthday was to be celebrated and only the closest people were invited.

Each guest was accompanied by a family member, and I just had my car in the parking lot!

The seat that I happened to take was adjacent to a man sitting along with his adorable daughter and his mother.

My colleague first introduced me to him and I introduced myself to his daughter.

I asked her name and told her mine.

A statement that I randomly uttered turned out to be the Statement of the evening,

 “Will you be my friend for the evening today?

A big smile  I received.

A toddler of 3, chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes, splendid smile, overloaded cuteness, mushy mushy arms, the tiniest hands,  decked up in an adorable pink dress, all set to grab the attention of each one in the party, mine the most.

I got into a cute chit-chat with this adorable baby.

The moment I sensed a unique niceness in this little one, my colleague Ankur added that this friend of mine is a gem.

As if my mind said, “That is why this niceness was sensed in his child”.

What a child carries is often what his/her parents carry.

She needed no one to play around with, she hopped, she smiled and she got into me like a partner for the evening.


I started to go into my aww moments when I felt her rejoicing in my company.

I asked her why her Mom was not with her, and that followed a story.

The tale narrated by a tiny one.

Telling me that her Mom slipped while they were out for an outing some days back, so her leg was fractured. But she will get better, she added.

The 3-year-old was so good with keeping herself without her Mom guarding her, that I could feel how good her upbringing had been.

She kept coming to me, giving me those million-dollar smiles, which I drooped over.

She became my crush of the night.

And when I sensed her father’s and her grandmother’s comfort to see her around me, I was more comfortable being around her.

All the other children were no longer toddlers so they had plenty of things to play around and this tiny one found me.

She kept rolling from one corner of the hall to another, pausing every time she reached me.

And at every pause, there was another chit-chat with her.

Now she asked me where I was putting up, who all lived with me and what I did.

And then came her proposal saying…

Mae aapke Ghar aunga

(I will come to your place)

 And then came a question…

Aap kya banaoge mere liye khane mein

(What will you serve me).

I found myself so overjoyed with her attention, that I who had come all alone to the party now had the most adorable company.

The cake cutting started and the birthday boy Jigar, a very shy, humble and innocent one stood so sincerely in front of the cake without any tantrums, shouts and demands. The balloons were pricked to add that birthday bash feeling.

He shared the cake with everyone around and then started a session of pictures.

Each one clicked with the celeb of the night, the birthday boy Jigar.

People were enjoying their presence for the simple reason because the hosts were making their guests feel super special.

My tiny one was around again, now with all the shimmery threads used for decoration.

All the kids were collecting these shimmers and playing with them, and these mushy cheeks brought the whole bunch of shimmers and gifted me. Her gestures were making me feel so overwhelmed.

And a little later came something from her that just pulled my heart out.

She said, Aap kiske sath aye ho?”

(Who have you come along with?)

I said,Mae akele aayi hun

(I have come alone)

There came a sad expression on her face repeating me.

Ap akele aaye ho?

(Have you come alone?)

 And then saying,

Main hoon na aapke sath, mae  apko chod k kahin nahi jaunga. Ap akele nahi ho

(I am there for you, there with you, I will not leave you alone, you are not alone here)

My tears didn’t need anything more moving than this to come out.

My colleague’s wife called out to everyone telling that this toddler was saying this to me. As if we grabbed the attention of all for a moment.

Her words were leaving me amazed and touched.

And when things in your life are actually going downstairs and you are walking the stairs all alone, there resides a permanent sadness which by such moments is shaken.

As if this tiny soul knew who in the party needed warm affection, loving attention and so overwhelming love.

My soul felt crushed with emotions to see her see me every time, to see her hear me every time.

The best part happened when her father asked her to dine with me and my colleague’s wife Parul. I was so happy to serve this tiny one, tiny bites.

We were done with a very appetizing dinner and appetizing moments, and the whole birthday celebration left each one happiest. The hosts were wonderful and that is what made the evening more Beautiful.

Now came the See Ya moment and there was yet another special thing to happen.

Parul had made small tokens of beautiful gifts for every guest that she was handing over to each one.

I received mine, and I saw my mushy toddler coming to me and stretching out her cute little arms to present her gift to me and saying,

Ye aapke liye

(This is for you)

Do I even need words to express how the moment had been?

A three-year-old toddler for whom a beautifully wrapped gift would mean a reason to hop around with joy and this girl without having a glimpse of it handed it over to me.

For a moment I felt, everything was magical.

As a stranger to her, it was unbelievable for me to believe this expression of love.

I somehow managed to make her understand that I’m big enough so the gift is for those who are small enough.

I left for home but took so much along with me.

The whole experience finally made me draw something out of it.

I met an angel who was there to make me feel special when life was not doing it.

She assured me that wherever I am, I’m being taken care of. I might feel lonely and melancholy but there is someone who is in charge of my state.

I felt things may go beyond bitter, life may go beyond tough, people may go beyond aloof, and circumstances may go beyond tolerance, what goes beyond them is the love of supreme Divine power.

His power can envelope all the hate, despair, and agony we go through and change them to all the joy and happiness in return.

We all go through such moments that leave us moved. All we need is to not let them become a mere past but to imprint them in our hearts so that they become our constant reminders of how amazingly the divine power cares for you.

These are the moments that become the powerhouses of weak times.

And I got one where I was made the guest of honor and that made a lasting memory.

I hope this blog gives you a light heart, and a smiling face, and fills you with a belief that we are genuinely being taken care of by divine angels. All we need is to spread some love and joy.

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Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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