How this Bride navigated her Big day Mishap


Indian wedding is an immense fascination. It’s that one big day that every groom and bride waits for, ever since they find their soulmate. 

Though it’s like just another common day,  the memory that it creates is what makes it one of the most beautiful and unforgettable days  of life.

A lot goes in, before it’s up and finally there to be celebrated. Excitement is what takes the back seat when the shoulders droop with responsibility to make the whole wedding a great visual treat for all who becomes a part of it.

But then responsibility still does not make one lose the spirit and get burdened by the labor that goes behind it. 

The charm, the happiness, the vibe and the enthusiasm to make the celebration a fabulous one, and enjoy the tiny bit of this most pious occasion, remains high.

There are times when along with such beautiful memories come minor mishaps which happen to create a turbulence in this happy wedding vibe.

Each one in this beautiful process of making the wedding a pure bliss, is so immensely involved that it somehow creates an emotional attachment with every little thing that’s being worked out for the Big day.

I happened to experience  a painful mishap when my family was in this beautiful process of  preparation for my brother’s wedding. 

14th January 2021 was the chosen beautiful day and we were all jam packed with excitement and anxiety at the same time.

As the wedding date came up so suddenly that we were clueless where and how to start with everything.We had mere 15 days and the whole wedding in front of us to be planned!

Due to certain conditional circumstances, the bride (Prakriti Dhir, who happens to be my sister in-law, well no more by the word law) had to make all her preparations for the wedding from our place and that was a tough one without any doubt. But like a competent woman, she handled the whole thing so majestically that everything fell in place.

Her wedding preparations did not give her enough time to pamper herself as she was taking up the tiniest responsibilities by herself. 

Both the bride and the groom had not shed off their wedding preparations on anyone but rather were delivering by themselves as much as they could and did wonderful things.

From buying jewelry, designing their wedding attires, making invitation lists, selecting the venue, choosing the decor to even making the  wedding cards by themselves was all they were occupied with.

The whole thing made them so burdened with preparation that they really could not squeeze time to pamper themselves like just other brides and grooms.

They were insanely occupied with every bit of their preparation that going for some much needed skin and body rejuvenation turned out to be the last thing on their bucket list.

We were almost done with the major preparations and were doing quite well and almost two days were left. While rushing for every little thing,  just two days before the wedding both the bride and groom decided to get them that much needed skin care treatment done which would help them look a little fresh as the preparations had exhausted them.

Did not have enough time to choose a great Salon but just rushed to a nearby one.

I was back at home putting up the decoration lights and lost in my own excitement.

Suddenly a phone call bumped in to shock me.

My brother called me to inform me that a jar full of steamed water accidentally fell upon Prakriti’s face by the woman who was doing her skin care treatment.

For a moment, my heart sank and couldn’t even  respond instantly.

I could not give enough time to think and sink in the whole incident. All I did was, I instantly rushed to the Salon  leaving the lights half way.

As I reached , I found them driving to the hospital. I rushed into the car with my heart palpitating so fast that emotions could not be stopped seeing Prakriti’s face.

The jar having the steamed water that the woman was using for the bride’s facial had its cap loosely fit.  As she was  giving steam to  Prakriti’s face while in a lying horizontal position, the whole steamed water got accidently flooded onto her face. 

What shocked me more, was to know that the woman, out of nervousness, did not rush to take any immediate action but started mending it on her own by  putting on a damp cloth on the bride’s face, telling her that it would get better.

And this worsened the pain and situation to a point when Prakriti had to call out for help.

The entire one side of the face was flushed with redness and a few blisters that looked really painful.

 And what was more bothering was that it was the face of the bride.

 The whole excitement mode was now replaced by tragic and painful feelings. Within a moment our happy vibes vanished.

Amidst all this, what I was amazed with was Prakriti’s attitude towards the whole incident. It was only the pain of that burning sensation that gave her an expression of distress and nothing of the sort of being agitated and losing patience for having such a bitter incident just before her Big day. 

The calm she carried on her face was not common and easy, it did demand immense courage and patience. 

I could sense her strong emotional construct,when she ironically consoled me for not worrying for the burnt face.

Seeing her face, I could only feel, had I been in her place, I would have cried endlessly and yelled insanely out of frustration and more of it because of the blunder that could spoil my wedding in all ways.

 But she was amazingly patient, silent,  without that tiniest expression of annoyance and irritation which was really helping her deal with it more effectively. 

We reached the hospital, and to my surprise the woman who diagnosed her, took  the whole incident in such a casual manner that I did feel a bit of insensitivity. But she affirmed us all by telling, don’t worry it happens, such things do happen around weddings, it will get better. Though I knew the situation was really not that simple and the skin burn too was no less.

We got her injected with an instant medication that would help her heal the burn fast. 

All the way back home, I kept thinking why did the Doctor take it so normally which was like a whole upside down situation. As I was in this dilemma, I got a call from the same Doctor to know how the bride was now. Doctor further conveyed that she did not want to make it scarier, so she tried to make it normal but deep down she was really worried that she made a personal call to further guide us and know about the bride. 

I was touched by the gesture and also my dilemma was answered. 

Doctor’s medication and support did help us all gather enough courage to deal with the situation.

Her parents and my parents were not told about anything till we didn’t safely reach home.

We reached home and I immediately kept some cold wet wipes on her face recommended by the Doctor that did give her some relief from the burning sensation. 

The whole incident was now in a controlled condition but yes the steamed water had done its work on her skin which did worry us all but now we were trying to not make it disturb us any more but rather work towards only the healing.

There was almost one day left and a new project for us to think over, keeping aside all the other preparations.

Many concerns emerged all this while!

How will the makeup be done?

Will makeup hide the burnt skin?

Will that putting of instant makeup on burnt skin be painful?

Will the makeup worsen the skin?

Will she be able to wear the earrings as the ears had come up with blisters at the pierced point?

 Will the pictures come good?

 Will the wedding go smoothly the way it was imagined?

 Will the guests identify the burns and interrogate about it?

 Will the blisters settle down within a day so that make up could be applied?

There was so much to worry about but the bride still didn’t show any restlessness or stress and that was commendable. 

The day arrived and by utmost grace of that divine power, everything fell in place. The makeup artist was so kind and gentle that she really understood the situation  and did the makeup accordingly. To my surprise, everything looked flawless, one could not trace out the skin burns and it was a huge relief. 

But then, at the same time there were these wild thoughts flipping across my mind that makeup applied does not further mess up with skin, as that was the real concern. But for a while we had to not stress much upon that.

The whole event went beautifully and we all enjoyed every bit of it.

After the celebration was done, when the bride entered  Home, the first thing was to immediately remove the makeup. Within one day the burned skin went so much darker that we really wondered, had the wedding been a few days  later, the scars would have grown darker and wouldn’t have been easy to conceal.

It just felt that we were really saved from a huge blunder.

And all the marks that went darker went lighter with time and vanished completely,giving us all a sense of immense relief.

Well narrating this entire experience was not necessarily telling that it was something extremely terrific or out of the world experience that we all managed real well but all I wanted to convey was that from every experience, there is a hidden learning. By  this great attitude of Prakriti,  I did imbibe the idea of keeping calm when the situation is turbulent and that’s what makes a situation better and under control.

My major takeaways from this whole experience were really impacting. I would love my readers too, to understand the real essence of this experience that I’m jotting down here for you:

  1. Panicking a situation that is suddenly struck  will not help you anyway. Alert your mind to first accept the situation and then to make the situation better. This will help you to work for the solution rather than being entangled in the problem itself. 
  2. Stressing more on why it happened will not lessen the stress.  It just makes you occupied with the problem, making finding the solution harder.
  3. Holding on to your patience is the key to control the negative effects of an already negative situation. 
  4. Plan what can be done for remediation rather than lamenting on the situation. Take your attention towards the solution and not the problem.
  5. The thermostat for controlling your emotions is in your hands, try to rotate the knob to the least.
  6. Things settle down if you settle down calmly with the situation.
  7. Take charge of your situation and not merely sit with it. 
  8. A situation has no power by itself to trouble you till you don’t allow it.
  9. Be consciously aware of the fact that some things are inevitable, don’t try to control them, just focus on what you can do to overcome them.
  10. Last but not the least, try to avoid moving out when you have a week left for your wedding until and unless it is extremely mandatory.

This entire experience had a deep impact on my mind. 

I really witnessed how a situation’s fate is quite much in our attitude towards it. 

It’s how we react and act towards the situation that makes it better or worse.

A sudden unfortunate situation by itself is powerless until and unless it’s not controlling your mind and letting it rule. It’s not the situation that is uncontrollable, it’s the mind. 

Our minds are designed such that they can make us work amazingly and also harm us brutally. 

All it needs is conscious  rehearsing of your mind to take charge of any situation and  work to make it better. 

The whole experience was a big  learning for my family and now hopefully for all my readers too!

How scary the whole incident was, these pictures might give you  an idea surely.


Yes the makeup was so evenly done that it did conceal the marks atleast for the Big day.

Fortunately, we were guided in the right direction that the instant medication that was given to the bride was like a magic wand and helped the burns fade away completely. 

 The bride and the groom who took charge of their wedding !

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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prakriti dhir
prakriti dhir
2 years ago

OHh my god ! What shall I say , this article is the 1st thing I saw after waking up and it literally woke me up ! It is an honor to be the subject in this story you narrated so beautifully dd! This brings chills in my spine when I see the whole thing flash in front of my eyes all over again while reading! Thank God for all the patience he gave all of us to fight it and Thank You for bringing the Little learnings in foreground for everyone to imbibe!

2 years ago

I can say only say “wow” to this beautifully written article👍👍

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