How far you can go for your Dream?


The goal you target to achieve or the dream you are fascinated to have will  play a tricky game with you. 

When you dive to fetch your dream or your goal, till you don’t reach more than half of your way, you will continue to be bombarded with everything that could stop you from no more dreaming about it, no more having the willingness to achieve it.

It will keep putting you down at every step when merely you would have started it.

There is this whole mind and Universe game that decides who deserves to win and live the dream. 

Something that you wish to achieve or dream to have will judge you by thrusting upon, all that can make you reach your breaking point and then from this point onwards, will monitor your thirst to still have it. It’s the undying desire at this breaking point too that will make the Universe align and work for you.

Well, when your action is not planted, the dreams appear achievable and the zeal looks limitless but once you head towards your action, the obstacles that no magic can fade away, will start positioning all on your way towards the dream.

They are the Universe’s mandatory tests to judge you before qualifying you, to know how far you can stretch to have your dream.

Now the question arises, what intention does the Universe have,  by putting you in  such hard,tough trials and making your dream or goal look impossibly odd?

Well let me put it simple for you.

It’s not merely you who dream but many like you! Infact millions and Billions and still much more. 

But then, do they all fall into that same level of passion, zeal, insanity and attitude to go beyond their limits of potential to achieve it?


More than half of the dreamers do not even know what Dreaming means on truest grounds. They are misled by this word Dream, assuming something that you will keep praying and it will manifest.

But it certainly will not.

When whatsoever you dream or target to achieve, it’s something that you consciously know is not within your normal capacity or ability. It’s something that will appear far-fetched and unachievable just to know how far you can stretch to work  for it.

Now that quite a lot of Dreamers who are aware of what their Dream will cost them head towards achieving it.

 But certainly unaware of the extent of things that will come their way to almost shake them to return back and leave their dream or goal half way.

Yes, many succumb and return!

Reason being, their thoughts to achieve their goal were passionate ones but the actions could not keep up the passion.

Now it’s that quite a few bunch of people who have not dreamt to return back but make these hindrances turn away from their way.

They have placed their dream so high in their conscious mind that no mountain can stop them from achieving it. They have a mindset of not heading towards their dream to just give a try but commanding the Universe by saying, 

“Try me all and then give me all”

Well it’s this segregation of dreamers that makes the Universe  sit like a panel of judges and filter out the ones who deserve to be rewarded with their Dreams.

Yes your Dream is already placed many miles away and the Universe positions it for all who Dream. But it’s you who got to first decide to dive and then have a burning determination to reach it no matter the path Leading to it almost kills you. Well It certainly does not!

It’s just the Universe’s way to first see you bend and then make you break and then monitor you for your willpower to stand again and then amazingly do the impossible possible for you.

How far you can go for your Dream will decide how beautifully the Dream will turn up for you!


Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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