Finding Hard to Know Your Passion


Writing the first post, “Overcome the fear to follow your passion” I felt something relatable to this, was another big hurdle, “Finding hard to know your passion”, that many of us get encountered with.

You may be bombarded with thoughts like, what’s my passion? What am I good at? Do I really have an inclination towards something that I can be passionate about?

These are those obvious self doubts that are like the mist on the glass, making a blurred vision. There is always a clear view behind but what keeps you ignorant is your adaptation to that blurred one. All it demands, is you to stand up for yourself and wipe it to have a clear picture.

Finding hard to know your passion” come up as a major constraint which might take an age. Before diving into the real quest for passion, get acquainted with what Passion is all about.

Passion revolves around the word joy that makes you feel ecstatic while you are engaged in it. It’s the involvement in your work that naturally resources you to be efficient. Something that’s not forced but rather flow effortlessly with you. Now when you know what exactly Passion is, you got to step and find your real drive, the natural flow, your longing for something to work without having a room for boredom.

But if it’s really hard to find, it needs introspection!

Finding hard to know your passion is something that’s not unusual. We all go through this, so breathe, relax, feel normal about it but certainly not sit back with this forever.

What pushes you towards this quest is the state of dissatisfaction in your work or a monotony of life or just a call from within that you tend to think,“What better can be satisfying”?

There are many who are sure of what to proceed with, but there are far more than them who are clueless and struggle to know what they are best at or passionate about. This poses the first point of hindrance in their way.

Before you start off with this introspection, believe this,

Finding hard to know your passion is not a flaw!

It’s just that you are ignorant of your inherent best and not deficient of it. So believe firmly that there is some great attribute you are born with that can make you work with an immense satisfaction and joy. 

Having  your doubts cleared, there come these situations where things around make you tempted or admirable of, be it someone’s profession or a lifestyle or a fascinating talent too. Interpreting these temptations as your passion will always be an illusion.

You do not have to discover what your eyes please to see rather find where and in what piece of work does your heart and mind work in anticipation.

Before I dig deep into this post, I would want my readers to get a little introduction of Chanakya, the advisor to Mauryan Emperor, Chandragupta.

Chanakya (also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta) was an Indian teacher, philosopher, royal advisor and the author of Indian political treatise “Arthashastra”. I was immensely inspired by his Swadharma ideology that I incorporated his belief to help the readers, find their passion.

Chanakya said, “You have your individual Swadharma”

The talent you are born with.

It’s somewhat in an inert state within that demands you your curiosity, your willingness to explore yourself before you randomly dive into anything that you assume to be your passion.

Trying anything or multiple things to attain that real satisfaction is not going to help rather make you fail in every attempt. We are all equipped with some individual talent but certainly not furnished with. To find and shape it, is what will make your Swadharma more than just a talent, a natural drive to work for your passion.

Not many of us work for our Swadharma and this is what make the few lead and many lag. You can excel beyond your potential if you find what you are potent of.

Swadharma, your prime quality, investing in which will not make you fear the competitors, rather they will find one!

These four ways might help you find your Passion:

1.Question Yourself

There is a fine line difference between the two questions: a) What you are best at? b) What is the best you love to do?

The answer for (b) will be prompt and instant. Your mind will instantly tell you what kind of engagement make you fill with enthusiasm. List down all the things that you love doing, be it anything under the sun.

 Ideally, your occupied routine will not tell you anything that you love doing. You will have to brainstorm and exercise your mind to think and analyze what you are best at, what you are passionate about. You will surely come up with a bunch of things that you are passionate about and enjoy being involved in them.

 Work on them one by one by getting engaged in them to find what triggers you the most and make you work effortlessly. This will make you unwind that one real hidden passion and make it work wonder.

2. Figure out a person who can tell you what you are good at

Self introspection to know your best attribute is sometimes really hard. It’s because you are born with a natural tendency of perceiving the world than  yourself.

When finding the Passion by yourself becomes a deal, stretch out to seek help from the ones who know you at the closest.

They might not have spoken about it but do not assume them to be ignorant. They will have a wise perspective seated somewhere in their mind but just not been vocal about it. Step up to your siblings, friends, parents, some close teacher or anyone you feel knows you the most. Interrogate them for their opinions and suggestions and then figure out what works the most for you.

3. Look back to your Childhood

Finding your passion will be an exercise. It will require a genuine effort to discover. Looking back to your childhood to find out what you enjoyed doing the most will make you come up with your inherent niche.

Look back to your tender age of school days, and rediscover what subjects or games made you enthusiastic and figure out how you perceive them now.

Multiple subjects that were taught in school was the first step set to help you discover your Passion. They were not for you to master them all, but for you to slowly understand them and then wisely decide to proceed with one.

Many of us failed to understand our real subject at that young stage or maybe we did not develop the ability to analyze what could make us shine, lead and not merely grow.

Now when you are wise enough to visualize things with a refined perspective, all you have to do is look back and find your inclination. You will find your belonging to something that you can master on. Trap that and work on it.

Talking about finding your Passion by looking back to your childhood will certainly not be applied to all. There may be some who might have not had any particular strong interest as a child. But this will certainly not conclude  that you lack passion for something. At times it takes age and experience to develop that wisdom to find your passion.

4. Identify the  passion that is prioritized over money

Having made an attempt to list out few of the things that you are passionate about, interrogate yourself, “Is my passion only money driven”?

Just pause and think it twice. Anything where money is the sole drive cannot ignite you to work with perseverance. All you have to do is segregate them and come up with your real Passion.

Money is a by-product that follows the ones who follow their Passion. Finding your real passion will make you work for it. The one that will transition you from toiling to enjoying.

Having outlined a strategy to find what your passion is, will certainly not be like hitting the arrow on the target. It may fix somewhere nearby. But practicing it over and over again will surely make you hit the target and assure you your passion.

Besides this, it will never be a right time or age for you to find out what your passion is. Some happen to follow it right from the beginning and many fall in the loop of ignorance for quite a length of time. But that will not count you deficient of your passion. 

The moment you feel it is the time to explore it.

You are never too late to decide and discover what you are passionate about and what talent you are born with.

If finding hard to know your passion is the hurdle that’s coming your  way, introspect keeping the above strategies in mind. You might be surprised to know that you had a strong connection to something that have been right under your nose all along. Embrace it! Kindle the fire within and  see your Passion illuminating.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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Anku Sharma
Anku Sharma
4 years ago

I feel like entire thing was right from our conversation ?? very well put forward, let’s hope people find their passion ♥️

4 years ago

Wow.. In depth details provided to extract your real passion. Very well drafted. All the best. Waiting fr many more such wonderful articles!!!

Aditya verma
Aditya verma
3 years ago

It was connected with previous article and mentioned points are very well drafted to know about your passion…… Nice article.

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