Find the Gold behind Gooseberries!



This tiny little edible fruit exemplifies how the course of hard and beautiful things position in life.

Having a personal experience with this amazing tiny fruit, I really got pushed to think and relate it with life.

Bringing gooseberries into my hair care regime amazed me with its magical effects on slowing my greys.

 It’s definitely not as easy as candy to have,  as it tends to give you those tough thoughts of its sourness while thinking of chewing it. Also after having this highly citrus berry, there is this crazy dentin hypersensitivity experience which makes your teeth very sensitive and hard to eat something after eating it.

But then candies just make your tongues happy, and do nothing for your well-being. 

Well these tiny marvelous gooseberries which I would prefer to call Golden berries, are one of the tedious things to eat but then once they are inside, they resource you with crazy benefits.

I in my 30s have felt comparatively the tiniest number of my greys and owe the credit to these golden berries. 

Definitely not something about boasting as ageing is unstoppable but what we can work upon is delaying it.

All I could sum up was, it needs a spirit to make these golden berries your part and love the way they are.

Slowing your grey with these golden berries (i love to call them this now) is so magical that their sourness seems a blessing in disguise. 

Well putting up this grocery item relatability with  life things was to make you understand the fact; why things are hardest before they are beautiful. 

Well It’s universal!

Nothing easy will profit you and no hard will ever go without profiting you.

 Life is like that too. So when life gives you gooseberries, perceive them as your golden berries and keep embracing them with that blind faith that something magical is on it’s way. 

Even the tiniest fruit can help you understand the essence of life, only if we stop, pause and ponder over how little things around us add meaning to our life.

I have so profoundly been impacted by this tiny berry that it has become my drive to bear when anything tough hits me. 

Every hard situation no longer belittles my willingness to deal with it, instead gives me that immense hope and belief that it’s something that’s put me on a way to reach a beautiful Destination. 

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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