Evolve and Elevate: You know too much psychology when, Three stages of Param Satya (Absolute Truth), You want to live an easy life and that’s what is making it hard.

Evolve and Elevate: You know too much psychology when, Three stages of Param Satya (Absolute Truth), You want to live an easy life and that's what is making it hard.

Idea of the Week

You know too much psychology when



Lesson of the Week

Three stages of Param Satya (Absolute Truth)

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Having sympathy, attachment and tears for physical things (material things) is a symptom of not recognizing the real soul.

Empathy towards Shashwat Atma (eternal soul) is only Aatma-Sakshatkar(one who has knowledge about the soul).

Nobody knows where sympathy should be used.

A person who has fallen into the big ocean of Agyan (ignorance) cannot be saved by protecting the outer layers i.e. the physical body of the person.

The one who does not understand this and feels sad for the outer temporary physical body, that person is called as Shudra which means that his/her sadness is a mere waste.

But Lord Krishna can destroy the sadness that one feels for the loss of an Agyani person (ignorant person).

For this purpose, He narrated the Bhagavad Gita.

Param Satya (The absolute Truth)

There are three stages of Param Satya are (Absolute truth):

  • Brahma (invariably omnipresent consciousness),
  • Paramatma (God’s Antar Yami Roop i.e. the one form of God that resides within you and all the creatures as a witness) and third is.
  • God Himself. 

Param Satya’s meaning has been defined like this:

The one who knows Param Satya, experiences it in three stages. These three stages are in one form and appearance. They are expressed in the form of Brahma, Paramatma and Bhagwan.

These three divine parts of Param Satya can be explained by taking the example of the Sun because even the Sun has three different parts:

  • Prakash (Light)
  • Surya ki satah (The topmost surface of the sun) and
  • The planet Sun itself.

Now if someone researches and try to understand the Prakash (light) coming from Surya (sun), he/she is a novice.

But if someone goes a little deeper and tries to understand the Satah of Surya (topmost surface of the Sun), he/she is more than a novice.

And the one who is highly passionate and dedicated to go deepest and enter the Surya Lok (inside the planet Sun) to understand everything about it, he/she is Uchattam Gyani (the one who is supremely learned).

So now the novice who gets satisfied by only understanding the sun’s light, that person is compared to the person who can only understand the Brahma Roop of Param Satya.

The person who went a little deeper to understand more about the Satah of Surya (surface of the Sun) is compared to the person who understands the Paramatma Roop of Param Satya.

And the one who can enter into the Surya Lok (Planet Sun) to understand everything thoroughly is compared to the person who has the experience and knowledge of the Bhagwan Roop of Param Satya.

The bhaktas (devotees) who have gained experience and knowledge about the Bhagwan Roop of Param Satya, are the supreme spiritualists.

In fact, the students/devotees who are involved in learning the Param Satya, are researching only on one topic/subject.

Sun’s light, the sun’s surface and everything happening inside the sun: these three cannot be separated from one another.

But even then, the students/devotes of these three different parts are not of the same status and position.



Inspiration of the Week: 

You want to live an easy life and that’s what makes it hard.

The more you try to control life, the harder it gets.

The fact that you are constantly running towards an easy life, you start missing life in its entirety.

The Buddhists believe that controlling the mind is the path to enlightenment.

Mind keeps jumping from one worst scenario to the next. That is where you need to work.

Enjoying life never meant how happy you are, how perfect things are and how unconditionally positive you are but that you are able to move through day-to-day challenges with enough fluidity and reason that you aren’t held back by yourself.

When you accept life and connect yourself to the deep internal knowing that everything is ok and will always be, you begin to live life cheerfully.

Albert Camus once said, “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

No matter what is happening around you, there is a place within that knows it will get fine. The challenge is learning how to connect with it in the first place and rewire how you respond to your mind.

It is like someone giving you a present that you don’t like, and chances are your mind will take you into a cave of bad mood. But you always have a chance to not follow where your mind is taking you to. You are aware that it’s going to make you stress more. At this point, if you refuse to enter into the cave, you can stop the situation from turning into a hard one.

You cannot really change your circumstances, but you can change the way how you respond to them.

You can enjoy life only when you start living it from a place of awareness.

There will be situations that will drag you into a bad mood, but if you know how to regulate your emotions like that knob on the machine that controls its speed, you can run smoothly like the machine without any break down.


Inspired from the Book ” The Mountain is You”


The book is an ultimate seeker’s guide for those brave enough to face their true north and take their power back. 

And I had a wonderful experience reading it so much so that I plan to read it once again to squeeze the real juice.

Transforming self-sabotage into self-mastery by Brianna Wiest.


Buy the book here→:  The mountain is You


This post contains affiliate link which means that I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend books that I have read and personally vetted. 


♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

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