Evolve and Elevate: You don’t always have to buy culture, God is not here to satisfy our senses, did my life go as planned?

Evolve and Elevate: You don't always have to buy culture, God is not here to satisfy our senses, did my life go as planned?

Idea of the Week

You don’t always have to buy culture


“The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it.”

Morrie Schwartz, via Tuesdays With Morrie 


Lesson of the Week

God is not here to satisfy our senses.

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Arjuna addresses Lord Krishna as Govind.

This is because He is the reason for the happiness of all the cows and human senses.

By using this supreme designation for Lord Krishna, Arjuna is alluding to Krishna that he should understand how all the senses of Arjuna can be satisfied.

But the truth is, Govind is not there to satisfy our senses but if we try to satisfy the senses of Krishna then our senses are automatically satisfied.

From a physical point of view, each person wants to satisfy his/her senses and wants to see God as his Agya Palak (one who takes and serves orders).

But God satisfies them only to a point they are deserving of and not to the limit which they desire.
But now when someone takes a different path, i.e. he/she no longer thinks about satisfying his/her senses but strives to satisfy the senses of Govind, then all the wishes of that person are fulfilled.

As Bhakt wants to serve God, so if God’s wish or command for a Bhakt is to live and embrace luxury, he will.

But if God does not want him to accept any material joy, then he does not accept even a dime.

Arjuna did not want to kill his relatives, or siblings in the battle. But at this point, he did not know that Lord Krishna had already killed them all and Arjuna was only a medium.

A God’s Bhakt does not aim to take revenge from enemies, but God cannot tolerate the pain that Bhakt goes through because of enemies. God can forgive any person as per His wish but if someone hurts or harms His Bhakt then He cannot forgive them.
This is why Lord Krishna was very eager to kill the enemies on the battlefield.


Inspiration of the Week

Did my life go as planned?


I was a drop who wished to reach the ocean.

I could never associate myself with a pond, lake or any other small water body.

I wanted to see myself as a part of the ocean.

A Drop who never wanted to settle for something small or average but something grand and beautiful.

But my journey began with a handful of rainwater that collected on the road.

It was there in that tiny space where I first found my existence. I was in that muddy water, but I knew I could be filtered, I could be distilled, and I could reach a bigger place, Ocean.

I did not want to be there in the muddy water waiting for someone to broom me off and wipe off my existence.

I knew my identity was nothing in this small place, but I knew I could swim and float towards a bigger water body.

The ocean was farthest. I had to go through the ponds, lakes, and rivers to reach the big ocean.

The plan was to reach the ocean and Life was to go through everything before reaching the ocean.

Yes, Life did go as planned.

It did not give me what I wanted, it gave me the path that is helping me to become what I wanted and reach the place I deserve to be at.

My life as a drop with a dream to reach the ocean took me through different stages.

To manifest the ocean, I had to live in the places that I never wanted to be in.

Ocean is my dream plan and the path I am travelling to reach it is my Life.

It is going as per plan yet completely unplanned.

Life is like this Dreamer Drop.

We are put on paths that we don’t want to walk or are hard to take but they lead us to the destinations we always want to be.

You have to go through the unwanted things to become ready for the things you always wanted.


♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

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Idea of the Week



Lesson of the Week

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

If we dig deeper into the theory of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, we will find that one Jeev (creature) is in continuous service of another Jeev (creature).

One Jeev serves another Jeev in many ways.

And this is the only way of living life.

Like a servant serves his owner, in the same way every Jeev (creature) is in some or the other service.

This is what we see everywhere:

  • One friend serving another friend.
  • Mother serving her children.
  • Wife serving her husband.
  • Husband serving his wife.

If we explore this process of Sewa (service), we will find that there is no exception in this Bhautik Jagat (material world) where one Jeev (creature) is not serving another.

From this, we conclude that Sewa (Service) is Jeev’s (creature’s) Chir Sehchar (old friend who stays forever).

And this Chir Sehchar of being in some form of service is every Jeev’s Shashvat Dharam (Eternal duty of every creature).

However, in this Manushya Kal (Human era), under a specific situation, one specific type of faith is believed, accepted and followed. And in this way each person claims himself or herself to belong to Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Bodh or any other community.

But all these designations of belief are not Sanatan Dharam (Eternal Righteousness).

One Hindu by changing his or her belief can become Muslim, or one Muslim can become Hindu, or some Christian can change his/her belief system etc.

But in all these situations, the change in religious faith does not change the Shashvat Dharma (eternal duty) of serving others.

All the religions in every circumstance are involved in one or the other Sewa (service)

Therefore, we all have the same Sanatan Dharam which is Sewa (duty to serve).

Infact our relationship with God is also about serving Him.

Parmeshwar (God) is Param Bhakta (supreme receiver) and all the Jeevs (creatures) are his Sewak (servants).

We all have been created to serve Him and if we participate in this Nitya Bhog (Daily holy serving) with God, then we are guaranteed to become Sukhi (happy).

There is no other way to be happy than to serve God.

Just like every part of the body cannot function without serving the stomach which is the real Bhokta (receiver) of the body, similarly without serving God, we cannot be Happy. 




Inspiration of the Week: 

Top three priorities in my life right now

For the longest time, I kept running after things I desperately wished for.

Chasing them full throttle, I assumed I’d get hold of each of them, but sadly I puffed out soon.

I did not realise…

We cannot have things by chasing them.

We cannot get things by anxiously waiting for them.

We cannot see our wishes come true by running after them.

When I found myself exhausted, I decided to take a different lane.

When I took the first step, I realized, I kept taking steps towards the wrong Destination.

And the more I walked, the farther I went from the right Destination.

And now I am reversing back from the wrong side.

Because when your wishes are not coming true, you need to reflect on your priorities.

And I started my inward journey.

After taking many wrong turns, I figured out which is the right lane.

And now I know my priorities more than my wishes.

I want to serve my purpose.

We all are born with a seed but not all of us identify the seed and from the handful ones who identify it, only a bunch of them grow it into a Tree.

I want to be a part of that bunch, growing my seed into a Tree.

The tree will spread shade, support, love, warmth, and healing.

I want to water my seed each single day because I know, my seed isn’t visible to all but the day it turns into a Tree, it is going to stop every person and choose to sit under it.

I want to Marry.

I no longer need a life partner; I want a partner for life instead. I am not looking for someone whom I can demand on happiness for or love but someone willing to share his love, warmth and togetherness with me.

I don’t want to chase someone I find best, I want to focus on becoming a version who can deserve someone who is best.

I want to evolve

I’m not the best version yet and I’m not going to be ever. I’m just going to be better than my previous self.

I want to learn, have experiences, and allow life in its entirety so that I don’t miss the gold nuggets of life because I’ve found that we don’t evolve in familiar and comfortable spaces.

When we step out of the familiarity and become comfortable with the unfamiliar, that’s when we evolve.

♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

If you wish to read previous Newsletters, head to the link:

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Aakriti Bahuguna
Aakriti Bahuguna
6 months ago

The article was simply Beautiful ❤️
I could relate with your words “always dreamt of the ocean but landed in a small muddy water. This wasn’t meant for me”
So true. I loved it✌️✌️✌️

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