Evolve and Elevate: The Two Huge Lies, We all need a Guru and Does time heal wounds?

Evolve and Elevate: The Two Huge Lies, We need a Guru and Does time heal wounds?

Idea of the Week

The two huge lies


Lesson of the Week

We need a Guru

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

This is Nature’s universal law that all the worldly activities are a point of worry for each one. At every step, we have uljhans (Dilemmas), hence we all need to take shelter of an authentic Guru who can help and direct us to fulfil the life’s objective.

All the mythological scriptures direct us that to get rid of all the dilemmas of life, we should go to an authentic Guru. These dilemmas are like Davagni (forest fire) which without being ignited by anyone is kindled into bigger flames.

Nobody desires to have fire (in his/her thoughts) but still it gets kindled and disturbs us.

Hence, in this way like the forest fire, the worries of entire world without their desire to have them, they keep getting bigger.

The person who takes the shelter of a Guru, he/she has all the awareness.

Hence a person should not be stuck in physical world’s worries but go to a Guru.

Afterall who gets trapped in worldly worries?

The one who fails to understand them.

In Brihdarnayak Upanishad, the troubled person is explained in this way:

Someone who cannot find solution for life’s problems and without becoming aware of atma-sakshatkar, leaves this world is called as Kripan.

For a Jeev (creature), this life is extremely important, and he/she can use it solve the problems. The one who does not take benefit of this opportunity, he/she is a Kripan.

Note: The above section of Bhagavad Gita was written on 17/May/2023 in my diary and something miraculous happened after this. Within a span of one month, I found my GURU or rather my GURU found me ready for the meeting.

He called me to meet Him in Kainchidham, Nainital on 15/Jun/2023.

I went all alone from Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) to Nainital (Uttrakhand) and this was my first ever solo journey or more appropriately pilgrimage.

The whole experience was magnanimous and full of emotions and transformations. I’ll be writing soon someday about the whole experience and will guide you to understand how a Guru is found.

It was Maharaj ji, Neem Karoli Baba to whom I was magnetically drawn to.



Inspiration of the Week: 

Does time heal wounds?

Time does not heal wounds, the change that happens with time heals them.

If everything remained the same, time would be an insignificant factor in our lives.

2024 will have the same days, weeks and months as 2023 but it still will not be the same.

Overall life will have an altogether different experience.

We don’t heal past wounds and traumas with just the changing times, they heal with the changing experiences. We see a different version of life as we move forward in time.

The needle will come back to 5 pm every day and it will look no different, but it will not be the same life, not the same experience and not the same YOU.

So, when we say time heals all wounds, it isn’t the time but the life that keeps changing with Time.

If yesterday you lost your pet, the loss, the pain and the hole that it created will not go away tomorrow if you don’t meet a new version of life. No two days are identical.

Your memory gets refilled with new moments, new experiences, with new thoughts and this fades away the past wounds that filled you with pain.


♦Soul to Soul♦

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