Evolve and Elevate: The most healing thing to do, Soul significance and Awareness of the uncertainty of tomorrow..

Evolve and Elevate: The most healing thing to do, Soul significance and Awareness of the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Idea of the Week

The most healing thing to do.




Lesson of the Week

Soul Significance

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Everyone thinks that which is prevalent in the entire body is Chetna (consciousness).

Every person experience joy or misery either in one part or the entire body. But the prevalence of this Chetna (consciousness) to feel joy or misery is limited to one person’s own body.

This means that the joy and misery felt by one body cannot be felt by another.

Eventually, everybody has an individual soul and the sign of the prevalence of this soul is clarified by each individual Chetna (consciousness).

Size of the Soul:

This soul is considered to be equivalent to the tip of a hair strand’s one-thousandth part.

If the tip of the hair is divided into a hundred parts and then these hundred are further divided into another hundred parts, then after this division every single part’s measurement is the dimension of the soul.

The atoms of the soul have countless parts which are 10 thousandth part of the tip of the hair strand.

Hence, this way every part of the soul is smaller than the Bhautik (material world’s) atoms and there are countless parts like these.

This extremely small soul is the foundation of the physical body, and this soul has an effect on the entire body just like a medicine has on it.

The presence of the soul is experienced in the form of Chetna (consciousness) and this is only the proof of its existence.

Even the commonest man knows that when this material body leaves Chetna, it is declared dead and with no medical treatment, this Chetna can be brought back into the body.

Therefore, this Chetna (consciousness) is not a result of the material body but because of the soul.



Inspiration of the Week: 

Awareness of the uncertainty of tomorrow


The more you become aware of the uncertainty of Tomorrow, the stronger becomes the certainty of your action today.

You know something and you are aware of something are two different things.

We all know tomorrow is uncertain.

We all know the past cannot be reversed.

We all know life is unpredictable.

But does that bring any change in the way we live our present?


We repeat the same patterns.
The same habits.
The same routine even though we know they aren’t serving us right.

We know tomorrow we might not get a chance to make the change, even then we keep losing our today, and we keep taking our today for granted.

The reason is the gap between knowing something and being aware of something.

When you know something, you do not associate it with the real picture but look at it as a general fact.

All the students know that if they do not study, they will fail but this does not make them all serious about their studies.

Knowing is like you can see the reality but you cannot feel it.

It keeps you at a distance from the reality.

Awareness is the game changer.

When you are aware, you associate yourself with reality in real-time.

You show your mind the consequences that can go wrong.

You place yourself in the uncertainty to build yourself right at this moment when you are here in this certain and secure position.

Awareness is when you take your mind into the future unpredictability and prepare for it in retrospect.

So, the more your mind is aware of the uncertainty, the stronger becomes the certainty of your preparation.

♦Soul to Soul♦

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Naresh Sharma
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