Evolve and Elevate: The important work, Purification of the soul, Be a different person tomorrow if today is not how you wanted it.

Evolve and Elevate: The important work, Purification of the soul, Be a different person tomorrow if today is not how you wanted it.

Idea of the Week

The important work

I want to do some important work, the young girl said.

Then smile at people you meet, play with dogs, tuck a blanket around someone who falls asleep, the old woman replied.

That’s not what I meant; the young girl responded.

Of course, you did, the wise woman replied again.

You just had a smaller idea of important.



Lesson of the Week

Purification of the soul

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

In terms of size, the soul is almost equal to an anu (atom) which one can have an understanding of, only with complete knowledge.

When the word anu is used for Soul, it means that atma/soul is as small as an atom.

This Anu Atma (soul that is as small as an atom) is flowing in 5 types of Pranas (life) or are called as Vayu (wind): Prana, Apan, Vyan, Saman and Udan.


A brief explanation of Prana/Vayu:

Through the exploration of the body and breath, the ancient yogis discovered that prana (life force energy) could be further subdivided into energetic components they called Vayus (winds).

The five Vayus of prana all have very subtle yet distinct energetic qualities, including specific functions and directions of flow.

 The yogis were able to control and cultivate these Vayus by simply bringing their focus and awareness to them. Through this conscious control and cultivation, they were not only able to create optimal health and well-being but were able to activate the primordial Kundalini energy to obtain states of enlightened Samadhi.

These five primary currents of vital force are:  Prana-Vayu, Apana-Vayu, Samana-Vayu, Udana-Vayu, and Vyana-Vayu.

Each Vayu governs a specific area of the body and ideally functions in harmony with each other. Their subtle energetic movements affect and influence our physical, emotional and mental health and wellness.

If a Vayu becomes imbalanced it can create disharmony through the whole energetic system of the body or can negatively affect its associate chakra or the organs linked to its location.

Cultivating a basic awareness of one or more of the Vayus will help us deepen our awareness of body and breath to enrich our yoga practice and achieve our greatest potential.

Bhagavad Gita says that this anu Atma (atom sized soul) lies inside the heart and affects the complete body of a human.

When the soul is purified from the 5 tainted or imbalanced pranas or Vayus, then its spiritual results begin to show.

The objective of Hath-yoga through different types of postures is to control these 5 types of pranas/vayus which are affecting the soul. This yoga is not there for any material benefit but instead to free the atom sized soul from the cage of Bhautik Akash (sky of the material world).

In this manner, anu Atma (atom sized soul) has been accepted by all the Vedic scriptures and every wise man feels it in his behavioral experiences.

The effect of the soul can be seen in the entire body.

As per Mundak Upanishad, this atom sized soul is present inside every Jeev (creature).

And as the scientists of this physical world are inefficient in measuring the size of the soul, so some of them declare it as non-existent.

The individual soul is undoubtedly along with Parmatma (God) inside the heart and therefore the physical activities of the body receive all the energy from this soul itself.

The red blood cells which carry oxygen from the lungs, receive energy from this soul only.

Hence, when the soul leaves this place, then the blood fusion stops altogether.

Medicine science does accept the significance of red blood cells, but it fails to confirm that the source of energy is the soul.

Every little part of this atom sized Soul has been compared with the particles of sun rays. Just like sunlight has countless atomic-sized particles, in the same way, God’s Ansh (parts/jeev) are like the atoms of his rays.



Inspiration of the Week: 

Be a different person tomorrow if today is not how you wanted it.

If you are not happy with the present, don’t take this person you are today to Tomorrow.

Because Tomorrow is an empty canvas.

It awaits a Masterpiece that will be made by the choices of evolving you.
Each moment is a brushstroke, Life your canvas and you are the artist of your own destiny.

If today seems dull, the person you are right now do not have to be a permanent resident in the tomorrow you envision.

The journey from “the today” that you feel discontent in to “the tomorrow” that you will fill with joy is a pilgrimage within.

And the steps you take today will carve the scenery of your tomorrows.

Let the brushstrokes of change redefine your narrative and bring you closer to the tomorrow that is the Masterpiece.

Your truest and happiest self.

If Present isn’t a choice, make changes to have a “Tomorrow of Choice”.



♦Soul to Soul♦

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