Evolve and Elevate: Source of Anxiety, A place where there is no misery, Some indicative behaviors of a mature person.

Evolve and Elevate: Source of Anxiety, A place where there is no misery, Some indicative behaviors of a mature person.

Idea of the Week

Source of Anxiety



Lesson of the Week

A place where there is no misery

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Because of ignorance, one fails to understand that this Bhautik Jagat (Material world) is such a miserable place where there is danger at every step. And only because of this ignorance, people try to adjust or bear the situation by indulging themselves in fruitive activities, assuming that these actions will make them happy.

They do not know that in this material world, no one is ever free from the miseries of life.

The miseries of life: birth, death, old age and diseases are present everywhere within the material world.

But one who understands his/her real constitutional position and in this way understands the position of God, engages himself/herself in the Bhakti of Lord.

As a result, he/she becomes qualified to enter into Vaikunth Lok where there is neither material miserable life nor the influence of time and death.

To know one’s Swaroop (constitutional position) means to understand the sublime position of the Lord. Only such person starts engaging in loving Bhakti of God.

One who mistakenly thinks that the living entity’s position are on the same level as that of God is to be considered to be in darkness and is therefore unable to engage in the service of the Lord.

He/she thinks of himself/herself as God and in this way chooses the birth death cycle pattern of life.

But one who understands that his/her position is that of a Sewak (devotee), dictates himself/herself in the service of God and instantly becomes eligible for Vaikunth Lok.

Service for the cause of the Lord is called Karam-Yoga or Buddhi Yoga or in plain words, devotional service to the Lord.


Inspiration of the Week: 

Some indicative behaviors of a mature person


When the conversation has two better listeners than just one great speaker, the interaction is mature.

Taking into account all the mature conversations I have ever had with people; I sum up some of the core behaviors of a mature person:

  1. We all get triggered. Most of us react. Mature people act upon their reactions and replace them with responses.
  2. They don’t talk about changing the world as much they feel the need to change themselves.
  3. They see everything, overlook a lot and correct a little.
  4. They are not startled by insults. Rather than wasting time, the mature recognizes that petty issues don’t matter much in the big picture of life.
  5. They are not crushed by criticism, instead, they take it as an opportunity to outgrow everything that drags them down.
  6. They don’t take sides in a conflict. They are thoughtful and make wise decisions to resolve than to win one of the persons in the fight. They approach conflicts with a calm and open mind, looking for common ground and understanding rather than engaging in blame or defense.
  7. They are comfortable and content with the fact that they don’t know everything or even much. This makes them receptive to a lot more information.
  8. Rather than complaints, they talk about inefficiency. They take responsibility for everything that is not working and understand that life is a do-it-yourself project.
  9. They don’t dismiss other’s opinions. They choose to present their perspective without trying to impose it.
  10. They are emotionally intelligent which is a quality that goes beyond  intelligence. They handle emotional tsunamis without panicking about drowning.


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