Evolve and Elevate: Self-love test, Sat (true) and Asat (false), If my life was a movie, would I enjoy it?

Evolve and Elevate: Self-love test, Sat (true) and Asat (false), If my life was a movie, would I enjoy it?

Idea of the Week

Self-Love Test




Lesson of the Week

Sat (True) and Asat (False)

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Our body is a variable that has no durability. Advanced scientific treatments have also acknowledged and accepted that due to different action-reactions of cells, the body keeps changing at every moment.

In this way, the body keeps attaining growth and old age.

But despite these continuous changes in body, our soul always remains permanent.

This is only what the difference between material and soul is.

Hence, the body is prone to continuous change and the soul is always eternal.

The words Sat (True) and Asat (false) are the representatives of Bhautik padarth (physical material, the body) and Atma (the soul). All the philosophers have established this.

From this point onwards, God begins to preach to every Jeev (creature) who is infatuated with ignorance.

To eradicate ignorance, the relationship between the worshipper and the one who is worshipped, the God, has to be established again. And then one has to understand Ansh Roop Jeev (part form creature) and the inside of Poorna (complete) God.

Any person can understand the true nature of God by studying and knowing more about things at the Atma (soul) level.

The difference between Atma (soul) and Paramatma (God) is just like the difference between Ansh (part) and Poorna (complete).


As per all the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita, God is the source of all the Light.

We can experience this divine light through Para (knowledge of the absolute) and Apara (knowledge of the world) natural activities.

Every Jeev (creature) has a relationship with para prakriti (material nature of the world).

In a state of ignorance, it is impossible to understand clear knowledge.

To remove such ignorance for today and forever and to awaken every Jeev (creature), God is preaching the Bhagavad Gita.



Inspiration of the Week: 

If my life was a movie, would I enjoy it?

If I enter into the movie hall to see the movie of my life, the name of the movie would be:

Hard but in her Favour!

I might not enjoy it, but I will have a stronger feeling than enjoyment.

The feeling of achievement and bliss!

Enjoyment is instant and comes right away.

It is like watching a movie that has a storyline that entertains you, but you don’t take home something from it.

My movie was not an entertainment, but I took home a bag full of strong emotions, lessons, peace and all those things that are going to make the next part of my movie even better.

I would tremble, I would fear, I would sob, I would break watching it, but I would leave like someone as proud, someone with a feeling of a true Hero to see the climax leave a lasting impact on every soul in the audience.

My movie did not show me as a Hero but as

“the making of a Hero”.

The one who was not born as a star but who embraced the darkest of nights to come up and shine like a Star.

The movie did not make me laugh as much as it made me feel empowered and brave.

The role wasn’t easy but the director who had chosen me knew I would master it and make it to the billboards.






♦Soul to Soul♦

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