Evolve and Elevate: Real talk, Body and soul, 8 things I learned too late.

Evolve and Elevate: Real talk, Body and soul, 8 things I learned too late.

Idea of the Week

Real Talk


Lesson of the Week

Body and Soul

Bhagavad Gita says:


Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Considering the qualitative nature of humans, the atom like part called soul is no different than Param (God).

Sometimes the soul is called as permanent or kuthastha (that which remains unchanged).

Body goes through 6 different types of Rupantar (shifts/transformation).

It first births out of mother’s womb, stays here on this planet for some time, it grows, then achieves some results and then slowly and steadily it weakens and in the end it dies.

But there is no such transformation/shift in the soul.

Soul is Ajanma (unborn) but because it acquires a material body, therefore body takes birth.

Soul never takes birth, and it does not die.


The one that is born will die as well. Because the soul never takes birth, so it does not have past, present or future.

It is eternal forever.

This means there is no history about the birth of this soul.

Because of the influence of the body, we tend to find out the history of birth and death of soul.

Soul never grows old like the body.

In fact, an old person also experiences the feeling of child or youth.

There is no impact of bodily changes on the soul.

Soul does not become weak like a tree or any other Bhautik (worldly) material.

Body’s growth is because of the presence of soul but there is no change in the soul.

Hence the soul is free from the 6 types of Rupantar (shifts).


Inspiration of the Week: 

8 things I learned too late.

  1. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It is better to understand gender psychology before you try to understand the person. A lot of relationship matters will be resolved when you have a better understanding of how the opposite gender functions psychologically.
  2. Nobody will be concerned about your passion. The fact that you’ve found something that you love doing passionately makes you unique in the first place. Because most of them haven’t found it, it will make them feel inferior and less. So, expecting them to cheer you is futile.
  3. Love everyone is the philosophy I swear by but there is something I needed awareness of. Loving people never means to become a doormat. Before you go out to do things for others, don’t miss being there for yourself. When you turn it around and love yourself equally, you will get to know who sticks and who falls off. If loving yourself makes you lose people, let them leave.
  4. Don’t sing your sorrows. For the longest time, I thought it was ok to lament over things not working until recently when I came across a wise insight: The more you speak about something, the more it grows. The world already has enough sorrow and pain, adding more to it is only going to make this place worse. Choose talking about what you are grateful for and about things that make you feel happy.
  5. You don’t have to understand anyone to make relationships better as much as you need a better understanding of yourself. We advocate ourselves but fail to make better judgments about ourselves. It is not by knowing others that we build better relationships, it is in knowing yourself better that we can improve in our relationships.
  6. Expect nothing from Life, instead over-perform and let life have no option but to give you the rewards. When you wait for Life to give you things, you are blocking your growth. When you give life your energy, time, effort, love and dedication, you open the gates of fortune and bliss.
  7. Before any matter gets extremely difficult, initiate a difficult conversation. It is far better to talk about things that bother you than letting the burden ruin your mental peace. Bottling it up only breaks you and causes more issues.
  8. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Sometimes you need to be smart and witty to not harm anyone but to not let anyone harm you. You can love others only if you are safe in your space.



♦Soul to Soul♦

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