Evolve and Elevate: Opinion of 10,000 men, who is a real scholar? and finding hope when you are going through a hard time.

Evolve and Elevate: Opinion of 10,000 men, who is a real scholar? and finding hope when you are going through a hard time.

Idea of the Week

Opinion of 10,000 Men




Lesson of the Week

Who is a real scholar?

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

Arjuna’s perspective was:  In comparison to Rajneeti/samaj Neeti (political and social setup), Dharma should be given more importance to, but he was ignorant that the knowledge of padarth (material), Atma (soul) and Parmeshwar (God) was even more important than the Dharmic threads.

And because he lacked this knowledge, Arjuna could not be called as Vidwan (scholar).

And because he was not a perfect saint, he was being bothered by things that weren’t worth the botheration or worry.

This body takes birth and then one day its destruction is inescapable, hence body is not as important as Atma (soul) is.

The one who understands this, only he will be called as a real Vidwan (scholar) and for him there is no reason for Shok (sadness).

In all the scriptures and Upanishads, it is mentioned that Parmeshwar (God) who regulates the Karmas of countless Jeevs (creatures) and their results in their respective circumstances, the same Parmeshwar (God) resides in every Jeev’s heart like a tiny Parmeshwar (God).

And the saintly person who can see only one Paramatma (God) inside and outside, only he/she is ready for complete and permanent shanti (Peace).


Inspiration of the Week: 

Finding hope when you are going through a hard time

A man expects the best life until he has experienced a hard time, and once he has gone through it, he starts building it all by himself.

Pain is never a choice but is thrusted upon us for a big reason.

When you go through pain and suffering, the purpose is not to bring the best days in your life but to make you competent for building everything that you visualize as best.

Pain builds pressure.

Pressure creates discomfort and discomfort gives birth to force that pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and create everything for which you had been waiting for life to give you.

Life does not provide you with the best, it instead allows you to create the best.

Pain and suffering are the opportunities where you are separated from the crowd who are living life in an expectation mode and transform you to create your stuff in real time.

You are not going through pain; you are growing through it. You weren’t falling into pieces; those weaker pieces were falling off you.

The part of you that wasn’t in support of you, that wasn’t working for you needed to be replaced. And pain gave you the best replacement.

What was weak, pain made it strong.

What was insecure, pain made it confident.

What was impatient, pain made it peaceful.

What was angry, pain made it calm.

What was wounded, pain healed it.

What was ignorant, pain awakened it.

Pain did not take something away from you, it made you ready for something new.

The best days are not coming, you are becoming better every single day.



♦Soul to Soul♦

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