Evolve and Elevate: Man is the most insane species, how to make life successful, How to get positive vibes?

Evolve and Elevate: Man is the most insane species, how to make life successful, How to get positive vibes?

Idea of the Week

Man is the most insane species

Lesson of the Week

How to make life successful

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

The person who accepts himself/herself as the servant of Lord gives up all the Karmas except the ones that keep him/her in Krishna consciousness. For every Jeev (creature), such Bhakti is the right path.

Only Kripan (misers) desire to enjoy the fruit of their selfish karmas but because of this they get more entangled in material bondage.

Except for the Karmas done in Krishna consciousness, all the others are very bad and awful because they continuously keep the Jeev (creature) caged in the cycle of birth and death. Therefore, one should never desire to be the cause of work.

Everything done in Krishna Consciousness should be done for the satisfaction of Krishna.

Misers do not have the awareness about where and how to utilize the money that has been earned through hard work or fortune. One should spend all his/her energies working in Krishna consciousness and that will make one’s life successful.

Like the misers, unfortunate people do not apply their human energy in the service of lord.



Inspiration of the Week: 

How to get positive vibes?

Having lived more than three decades, I have found some of the best ways to get good vibes in life.

But there is a magic element I discovered while I found these ways.

Something might not give you a good vibe today but some day in future it might become your go to place or a ritual to have the good vibe. Probably it takes time, experience, evolution to get into that zone where we can receive and feel the good vibe fully in it.

Just like a small child will never feel the good vibe in meditation because he/she hasn’t reached the point to understand and feel its beauty. Similarly, anything that gives a good vibe might not be good for everyone at the same point in life. We go through different stages and experience life differently.

May be what gives me a good vibe today, you might have felt it way earlier.

So, it is just about reaching that point when you become ready to understand and feel the beauty of something that was always there, but you had the blockage to feel it.

Today I have found a number of things that give me a good vibe which I did not feel ever before.

1. Sitting under a tree is not just about giving you the shade or that cool blow of air seeping through its leaves, it gives you a feeling that someone is listening to your deepest thoughts. It’s a beautiful feeling like being in conversation with someone who is just there to listen you even without you uttering a word. The soul of the tree deciphers your thoughts and you feel unburdened, light and at ease.

2. I didn’t choose cats. Cats chose me and I fell in Love. Their energy talks and you feel high without any intoxication. They take away the extra weight your heart feels loaded with. They take away the extra thoughts your mind feels clouded by. Long before you start dropping your tears, they sense the sadness and come close to make you feel better.

3. Sometime choose to not get into a conversation with your mother, but just sit by her side and look how beautifully she serves you and your family. Just observe her effortless ever flowing selfless love. Feel it and it will make you realize how rich and fortunate you are. The good vibe is in feeling more than expressing.

4. The fragrance of the pages of books is divine. The bookmark is an angel. The book cover is like the best destination picture. Reading books is not just a good vibe but whole lot of good energy that you feel completely intoxicated by. The words are healers. They erase those suffocating thoughts and fill you with a new story, one that becomes your ointment.

5. That evening walk when only you company yourself in that cool breeze is so much more than a good vibe. You feel your presence more. You and your thoughts pedaling together on the road is great way to come up with something great.

♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

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