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Evolve and Elevate: How powerful your love is, your life is successful with Atma-Gyan and Fulfillment is the father of happiness.

Evolve and Elevate: How powerful your love is, your life is successful with Atma-Gyan and Fulfillment is the father of happiness.

Idea of the Week

How powerful your love is?

Lesson of the Week

Your life is successful with Atma-Gyan

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

It is very astonishing to believe the fact that every gigantic animal, gigantic banyan tree and also the microbic germs, millions and billions of which occupy only an inch of space, each one of them has an atomic soul.

A person who is shallow minded and is misanthrope cannot understand the miracles and wonders of individual atomic spark of the soul even though it is explained by someone who is very knowledgeable, one who imparted lessons even to Brahma, the first living being in the Universe.

Considering the material concept of things, in this era most of the people cannot imagine how such a small particle can become both so great and so small.

Trapped by the illusion of material energy, people get so much engrossed in material world that they have no chance to understand Atma-Gyan (self-understanding) even though it’s a fact that without the understanding of the self, all the other activities are a complete failure and useless in the struggle of existence.

Perhaps, they have no idea that one must think of the soul and also find out solution of the material miseries.

A few people who have a keen inclination and interest to hear about the soul, they may be attending lectures but sometimes because of ignorance, they assume and believe that Paramatma (super soul) and Atma (atomic soul) is one without any distinction of magnitude.

It is very difficult to find a person who can understand the function, relationship and all the major and minor details of Paramatma (super soul) and Atma (atomic soul)

And it is still more difficult to find a person who has gained full benefit from knowledge of the soul.

But if somehow one succeeds in understanding the subject matter of soul, then one’s life is successful.

The easiest way to understand the subject matter of self, however, is to accept the statements of Bhagavad Gita spoken by the greatest authority “Lord Krishna”.

But it also requires a great deal of penance and sacrifice, either in this life or in the previous ones before one is able to accept Krishna as the supreme personality of Godhead.





Inspiration of the Week: 

Fulfillment is the father of happiness


Having qualified for the course of life to some level, the best learning I had in this course is:

When you become the source of happiness for others, Life resources you with fulfilment.

And Fulfilment is the father of happiness.

Happiness is a gain. When something beautiful is added to your life, you feel happy.

But when you add something beautiful to someone’s life, it is a reward.

And rewards are always a bonus.

When you stop thinking about your life and start focussing on what you can do for their lives, that’s when the magic happens.

Wipe their tears, smiles will shower upon you.

Remove their thorns, your flowers will blossom.

Company them in their bad seasons, you will have spring all the time.

When you add elements of joy to other’s life, God adds elements of abundance to your life.


♦Soul to Soul♦

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