Evolve and Elevate: Honor your grief, consciousness is the proof of soul, Why does nothing good happen to me and why is it only me to suffer?

Evolve and Elevate: Honor your grief, consciousness is the proof of soul, why does nothing good happen to me and why is it only me to suffer?

Idea of the Week

Honor your grief



Lesson of the Week

Consciousness is the proof of soul.

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

The soul is full of knowledge and consciousness.

In fact, consciousness is the only emblem of the soul.

If one is not able to find the soul within the heart, where it exactly resides, one can still understand the presence of the soul simply by the presence of consciousness.

Sometimes we fail to see the Sun because of clouds or some other reasons but the light of sun is always there, and we are convinced therefore it is daytime.

In the early morning, as soon as we see some sunlight in the sky, we understand that sun is present in the sky. In the same way, be it animal’s body or human’s, there exist some consciousness, hence we understand the presence of soul inside.

But Jeev’s Chetna (consciousness of human soul) is different from Param Chetna (consciousness of supreme) because the supreme consciousness is omniscient/all knowing- past, present and future.

Each individual soul’s consciousness is visamaran sheel (forgetful).

When one is forgetful of his/her Swaroop (real nature/purpose) then he/she obtains education and enlightenment from the superior lessons of Krishna.

But Lord Krishna is not visamaran sheel (forgetful) soul.
If so, Krishna’s teachings of Bhagavad Gita would be useless.

There are two kinds of souls:

Anu Atma (The minute particle soul)-Jeev Atma

Vibhu Atma (Super Soul)-Paramatma

Both these souls are situated on the same tree of the body within the same heart of the living being and only one who has become free from all the material desires as well as lamentations can by the grace of the supreme understand the glories of the soul.

Krishna is the fountain head of the super soul also, and Arjuna is the atomic soul, forgetful of his real nature.

Therefore, he requires to be enlightened by Krishna or by his spiritual representatives.


Inspiration of the Week: 

Why does nothing good happen to me and why is it only me to suffer?

So, you think that only you are the sufferer.

So, you think all the bad things happen to you.

So, you think everyone around is having a gala time?

So, you think God is unjust?

So, you think you deserve a better life.

Well, my question is if this is what you conclude or think about your life, tell me who is that one person you want to exchange your life with?

But there is a condition.

The person you choose might be living the best days of his/her life as of now but there is no guarantee these days will stay forever.

This person can have an accident tomorrow.

This person can lose his/her parents tomorrow.

This person can be inflicted with an incurable disease tomorrow.

This person you see living a happy life can be the saddest tomorrow.


When you say that why it is only me who suffers, you are comparing your life with those happy faces.

But do you know what these happy faces will go through tomorrow or have gone through in past?

You are just comparing your today with their present.

The truth is no two people’s present is the same and no two persons’ past and future are the same.

Suffering is universal but it does not inflict upon everyone at the same time.

We all are going through situations as per our Karmas, but our timing and the taste of suffering are different.

Just because someone is having their good days does not mean they did not have or will never have bad days.

Don’t create more suffering in your life by looking at the happy picture of others that you have no idea what next is stored for them.

Rather than waiting for life to show good days, the wise move would be to stand and become good with whatever the days are.

It isn’t the best life that makes you happy it is how best you perform in life that cultivates happiness which is perpetual.



♦Soul to Soul♦

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