Evolve and Elevate: Good and Shameful, nobody is interested in God but in God’s favor, Thirties are the best years of my Life.

Evolve and Elevate: Good and Shameful, nobody is interested in God but in God's favor, Thirties are the best years of my Life.

Idea of the Week

Good and Shameful


“If you accomplish something good with hard work, the labor passes quickly, but the good endures; if you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly, but the shame endures.”

Source: Lectures and Fragments, Fragment 51


Lesson of the Week

Nobody is interested in God but in God’s favor.


Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

When a person is disappointed in his/her hopes, then he/she thinks “Why am I here?”.

Every being has a personal interest in his benefits. Nobody has a prime interest in God.

But the truth is that a person’s true self-benefit lies in the benefit of Krishna or Vishnu.

But a Badh jeev (person who has the material concept that the body is his self) forgets this and that is why he/she has to bear the pain of Bhautik Jagat (physical world).

Arjuna thought that his victory would become a reason for his sadness because so many people would die.

Without knowing the fact that a person’s self-benefit is in Vishnu or Krishna, all Badh jeev are attracted towards the physical /Bhautik relationships because they think they will feel happiness in them.

Because of this Dehatm buddhi (fleshly wisdom), they even forget the purpose of the Bhautik Sukh (Material happiness)

It is said that 2 types of persons are powerful and are deserving of entering the illuminating, solar system.

  • One is the Kshatriya who on the command of Krishna dies in the War.
  • Second is the one who is Sanyasi (saint) who is busy in Adhyatmika improvement (Spiritual improvement)



Inspiration of the Week: 

Thirties are the best years of my Life.


In my twenties:

I was wishing.

I was demanding.

I was hoping.

I was dreaming.

I was fantasizing.

I was rebellious.

I was impatient.

I was sensitive.

I expected life to take my orders.

I assumed what my mind narrated, my life would act the same narration.

I thought God would do the magic.

I imagined the Universe to invite me soon to the paradise.


When I was done with my twenties, nothing that I was expecting turned out real.

The ending of my twenties ended the version of me who if had not ended wouldn’t have survived the thirties.

My thirties hit hard.

The book cover that I fantasized in my twenties, in the thirties I found the story completely different.

It wasn’t how it looked on the cover.

But as the book was mine, I had no chance to skip any of the chapters.

I struggled reading them.

Some words were piercing, some lines made me bleed, some paragraphs shook my soul and some pages I wanted to tear off.

But I wanted to see why this story was trying to ruin the version I was in twenties.

And I kept reading.

It was hard but I tried harder.

I have read more than half of this book and now Iam in love with it.

My thirties have saved me.

My thirties are the treasure I found after losing my twenties.

In my thirties:

Iam manifesting.

Iam praying.

Iam believing.

Iam building.

Iam creating.

Iam working upon myself.

I am in alignment with Life.

My mind has a narration but now I am taking charge of the narration.

I am striving to manifest miracles.

I am using the resources that Universe is giving me to build my paradise.


My thirties told me to not control life but play it well.

And now when I focus on playing, Iam slowly becoming the player who is ready for winning the game of Life.

What I wanted in my twenties, Thirties is building me for them.

Life is always in our Favour.

Much like Nature, life is often working in our favor, even when it seems like we are only being faced with adversity, discomfort and change. ~ Brianna Wiest from The Mountain is You.


Universe always wants to give us everything that we want.

God wants to make us happy.

But expecting to be the winner of the race without running it is not how it works.

Be the runner, practice Running, Run hard.

In my twenties I was sitting and thinking and now in my thirties I’m running and manifesting.

♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

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