Evolve and Elevate: Don’t desire for heaven but God, Our Life today, How I built my reading habit?

Evolve and Elevate: Don't desire for heaven but God, Our Life today, How I built my reading habit?

Idea of the Week

Our Life Today


Lesson of the Week

Don’t desire for heaven but God

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

People in general are not very intelligent and because they are ignorant, they get attached to fruitive activities mentioned in the Karma Kanda portions of the Vedas i.e. material things.

They want nothing other than sense pleasing proposals for enjoying life in heaven where wine and women are available and material luxury is very common.

In the Vedas, there is recommendation of many sacrifices for elevation to the heavenly planets.

In fact, it is stated that anyone desiring elevation to heavenly planets must perform these sacrifices and men with poor awareness and knowledge think that this is the whole purpose of Vedic Wisdom.

It is very difficult for such inexperienced persons to be focused on the determined action of Krishna consciousness.

As fools are attached to the flowers of poisonous trees without knowing the results of such attractions, similarly unenlightened man is attracted by such heavenly opulence and the sense enjoyment.


Samadhi means fixed mind.

When the mind is fixed for understanding the self, it is called Samadhi.

Samadhi is never possible for persons interested in material sense enjoyment nor for those who are excited by such temporary things. They are more or less condemned by the process of material energy.



Inspiration of the Week: 

How I built my reading habit?


It was a 7-day power cut in my village around 6 months back that introduced me to the World of reading books.

Boredom seeped in when my electrical gadgets went fully discharged and anxiety started to play around.

When I saw no chance of electricity resuming, I grabbed the book I had purchased for the first time since I started my writing journey, “The Story of My Life”.

My boredom got a substitute and I started to feel better.

Power did not resume but I found my light in reading that book.

The 7 days power cut led to the discovery of a reader inside me.

I could not believe how those 7 long days were planned intentionally to shape the writer inside me.

If writing is the dish, reading is its main condiment.

When I look back, the 7-day power cut looks like a divine plan that guided me with the gold nuggets of writing.

Reading that one book was contagious and I was on a shopping spree buying books one after another.

There was a dopamine rush I started feeling every time I came across a new book recommendation and my Flipkart account’s bag was getting bigger each day.

From enjoying reading, I started to crave reading.

To add more to this new love, I found all the great writers talk about reading as the core aspect of becoming a great writer.

And now my mind was flooded with thoughts of collecting books and I felt ravenous for reading them all.

Today is the day when in months, I have collected more than 60 books.

It shocks me to see how the Universe create situations to soak you completely into your passion.

Though I have been reading almost every night still it’s a long way to go.

What bothers me today is that I don’t buy any more before I complete the ones stacked on my shelf.

Life now looks short to me to read as many books as I want to.

I am presently reading “Miracles of Love” by Baba Ramdass and “The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson and I cannot express how much am I relishing each page, each word.

I want to cut down everything else to brisk my reading and consume more stuff.

I hope I live enough to read enough so that I write great enough.


♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

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