Evolve and Elevate: Definition of a good life, The only to understand the soul’s existence, Signs of a pure hearted soul.

Evolve and Elevate: Definition of a good life, The only to understand the soul's existence, Signs of a pure hearted soul.

Idea of the Week

Definition of a beautiful life


Lesson of the Week

The only to understand the soul’s existence

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

As mentioned previously, the size of the soul is so small that it cannot be seen even by the most powerful microscope, therefore it is invisible.

As far as the soul’s existence is concerned, nothing other than Sruti (Vedic wisdom) can prove it.

We have to accept this truth because there is no other source of understanding the existence of soul. We have to believe and accept many things solely on the grounds of superior authority.

Just like no one can deny the existence of his father based upon the authority of his mother, similarly there is no source of understanding the soul except by studying the Vedas.

In other words, the soul is inconceivable by human experimental knowledge.

The soul is consciousness and conscious- that is also the statement of Vedas and we have to accept that.

Unlike the bodily changes, there is no change in the soul.

As the soul never changes, the soul remains atomic in comparison to the infinite supreme soul. The supreme soul is infinite and atomic soul is infinitely soul.

Therefore, atomic soul can never become equal to infinite soul or the supreme God.


Inspiration of the Week: 

Signs of a pure hearted soul

One who overlooks the gesture of an impure heart and still treats with purity is what the definition of a pure-hearted person is.

Purity of heart is not just about being good and nice, it is about how one treats and handles the bad in a good way.

I have been an observer who tends to look at things so deeply that people around me would laugh it out as bizarre and ridiculous.

However, I have this inherent inclination towards noticing how people around me function and act.

This gives me a lot to think, and I feel I store all the information in different compartments of my mind which help give me a better understanding of who I need to invest my time and energy.

A pure heart is not always ready-made but often a conscious desire to create one.

Some people want to raise their energies and be better than yesterday, hence they take conscious steps towards their purification.

While they pursue becoming a pure-hearted person, they start showing some incredible signs that the world cannot overlook but fall in love.

Some of the signs that I think make a person pure-hearted are:

1. They help selflessly without any ulterior motive other than feeling fulfilled.

2. Their mercy quotient for the downtrodden will be way too high.

3. They do not wait for others to respect, wish or smile at them, they take charge first and that’s what makes their vibe contagious.

4. They do not feel less in making others feel more. They praise their people, they uplift them, they help them, they guide them for they hold no competition with anyone but aim to inspire.

5. They do not shut up someone younger just because they are old and wise. They allow the small and young to share their thoughts for they know, wisdom can be earned even from a child.

6. Their self-respect never allows their ego to hang out with it. You will never find them to act stubbornly for things that have just material significance. They choose to lose because they want to win relationships.

7. They don’t have a hunger to look smart and best in the team by doing the most important or privileged work, instead, they allow others to do the best piece. They make others shine for they know the Sun does not go short of its light.

8. They will never gift things that they would never buy for themselves. They choose the best stuff to gift for they see the person they are gifting to as a more beautiful gift.



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