Evolve and Elevate: Achieve wisdom in three ways, Permanent solution for our sadness and the most important thing to accomplish in life.

Evolve and Elevate: Three ways to achieve wisdom, Permanent solution for our sadness and the most important thing to accomplish in life.

Idea of the Week

Three ways to achieve wisdom.

“You can achieve wisdom in three ways. the first way is the way of meditation. This is the most noble way. The second way is the way of imitation. This is the easiest and least satisfying way. Thirdly, there is the way of experience. This is the most difficult way.”

Confucius, A calendar of wisdom



Lesson of the Week

Permanent solution for our Sadness

Bhagavad Gita says:

Who has the authority to read Bhagavad Gita?

The basic problems of the world:

Janam (birth),

Jara (sickness) 

Vyadhi (old age) and

Mrityu (death).

One cannot be free from any of them through material success and lots of money.

In different parts of this world there are places which have all the facilities for living a great life, have loads of money and are going great in their financial development, but even then, the worldly problems are still standing the same.

They try to find peace in various things and by various ways, but the real peace and happiness is attained only when they fill themselves with the emotion of Bhagwan (God) and receive the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.

If financial development and worldly happiness could erase someone’s family related, society related, national or international incompetencies related issues and worries, then Arjuna wouldn’t have said this:

“Having the ownership of luxurious kingdom and superiority like that of deities of heaven also cannot remove my sadness”.

Hence, he took shelter of Krishna Bhavna Amrit, and this is only the right path of peace and samarsata (harmony).

The worldly development or worldly kingdom can anytime be destroyed by a natural calamity. 

Bhagavad Gita declares that when the fruits of good deeds are over, then a human being falls off from the top of Sukh (Happiness) to the bottom level of Dukh (sadness).

This is how the different politicians have doomed.

So, if we want a permanent solution for our sadness of these worldly worries, we should take shelter of Paramatma (Krishna), the way Arjuna did.


Inspiration of the Week: 

What is the most important thing to accomplish in life?

I was reading the Bhagavad Gita and I came across this life-changing line:

“Jeev ki Atma Shashvat Hai” which meant that the soul of every creature is eternal.

This line gave me a lot to think about.

The soul was never going to die.

This wasn’t something staggering or something that I did not know about.

And I am sure you too know this.

But the fact that I read it in Bhagavad Gita pushed me to think a little deeper about it.

My mind kept revolving around this belief.

And I sat down in an interrogation with myself.

I presume that this body that I have is just a piece of clothing that I have received to wear on this current trip of life that I am on.

Countless thoughts started to race in my mind.

Will Sarita never die?

Is she just on a trip here?

Will Sarita again be on a trip?

Is Sarita making the best of her trip?

Is Sarita happy with this trip?

Is Sarita unhappy with the trip?

Is Sarita good to everyone she met on this trip?

How can Sarita be happier on the next trip if she has any?

A queer feeling of uncanny relish built up in my mind that I’m never going to die.

That I can hope for a better trip.

And I wondered if that is going to be the scenario, am I doing good enough on this trip that I don’t have any complaints in the next one?

I kept thinking and I reached a point when everything that was clouded seemed to gain clarity.

I had my revelations.


We all have expectations from life.

We all are caged in some or the other problems.

I am trapped as well.

A question popped up in my mind:

Are we responsible for everything that is not going right in our lives?

The dreams that look far-fetched, the problems that look as giant as mountains, the situations that we fail to come out from.

And the answer I got was a loud yes.

Justification: Our soul has been carrying out Karmas perpetually.

And these Karmas affect the bodies that we carry like a piece of apparel on every trip.

The soul is the creator of our Karma.

And the body suffers or enjoys the results of Karma.

I asked to myself if this is how it works, should I not be working more on my soul?

Should I not do the work to create great Karmas so that when I’m on the next trip, I get the most beautiful clothes and have the best vacation ever?

Everything demystified and I got the answer for how I could make life more beautiful.

The most important thing that a person should accomplish in life is:

Soul purification with the help of the great Karmas.

Because this is the only way to accomplish everything else.

If you are not so happy with the current trip, you have every chance to make the next trip great.

But if you do not think in this manner, you will again have complaints on the next trip.

God has not been extra kind to the People who have fantastic lives and have everything that they want, instead, these people have been extra good in every Karma their souls participated in.


♦Soul to Soul♦

Happy Reading!

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