What to do when God fails to help you?

What to do when god fails to help you?

"God doesn't give you what you want; He creates the opportunity for you to do so"

Logically, the idea that God could fail, sounds just plain illogical. Doesn’t the very definition of an omnipotent, omniscient being, preclude the possibility of failure?

To put it in plain terms, if God is all-powerful, doesn’t this mean God has the power to do anything at all without failing? And if God knows everything, how could God not see that something isn’t going to work?

Real answers require some deep thinking. If you’re not willing to engage your brain and expand your mind, but would prefer simple, easy (and probably wrong) answers, I suggest you stop reading right now.

Finding that God has failed to help you needs you to re-structure your perception and contemplate to understand that how does God help in the first place.

We humans will never fully understand the infinite nature of God.

God is both simple enough for a small child to understand, and so complex that the greatest philosophers and theologians and the highest IQs we humans have to offer will never do more than scratch the surface of the infinite depths and complexities of the nature of God.

So . . . let’s do just a little bit of surface-scratching with our poor, limited little human brains.

You give the Performance  and He helps to make you perform is what the first step of ladder towards this understanding is.

We need no proof to believe that God exists but real awakening to understand How He works!

The miseries that you go through and the dreams you fail to live, affect more because you haven’t cultivated the sense to understand God’s role. The role that is in everything but for you to play!

Your miseries are inevitable, drowning in them is not!

Your dreams are far-fetched, making them possible is not!

This is when I say, you are more of ignorant than incapable!

The point when you understand how different it is “To get things done for you from to make you do the things” you are one step up the rungs of the ladder of life.

You do things, you become adept. You hope to get things done for you, you remain amateur!  And that’s when you might accomplish the task, but still not play it well.

I’ll start with something really impactful that I came across in one of the most eminent Indian Yogis, Sadhguru videos.

Sadhguru says,

When I say Fate, it’s something that you cannot do anything about.

 When I say Luck, it’s something that also you cannot do anything about.

When I say God, it’s again something that you cannot do anything about.

So the only thing in your hands is Effort!

All you need is to put your 100 percent in your effort, what happens happens, isn’t it?

So don’t leave proportions of your energy and capability to luck, fate or God. That is not your business. If there is such a thing, it will definitely act. Your business is only effort. Just do it.

These awakening words by Sadhguru are quite enough for you to understand whose role holds the utmost priority and what needs the prime focus.

Keeping yourself tied to a belief system that something other than you will do things more than you do them for yourself hampers your deliverance. And the more your performance is at stake, the more your luck; fate and God’s power are dampened.

It’s somehow like bribing someone for some amount to run your race but give you the reward. Well this is not how you become the winner!

The beautiful insight by Lao TZU to understand what carves your destiny and whose role decides it, will make  you understand the Power of YOU.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words

Watch your words, they become actions

Watch your actions, they become habits

Watch your habits, they become character

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”


To keep our planet resourced with life and aligned:  Having the ownership of this planet is blessing in the first place before you even think of anything else. We as living entities are truly powerless if the planet we are on, stops supporting Life. Our effort to make a living on this planet counts only if the hemisphere we reside in, keeps itself in balance.

If ever it topples over, we will too.

Our life depends completely on how this Divine power is functioning to keep everything in alignment and at a sound pace. The supreme power is in charge of our every move on this planet. But then, the power cannot hold you here for long if you are not balancing it with the one you have, the power of Inside.

To help us navigate in our ebbs and flows: There are times when situations are dire that we look for some great power to save us from an emerging catastrophe!

Then there are those times when we have unending desires, dreams and fascinations that propel us to look for some divine power that can help us achieve them, make us live them as our Reality.

So it is the constant battle with our tough situations and the unending desires that keep us in search of God’s grace and help.

I do not defy that we are in complete charge of the Supreme power, but what needs to be understood is,

  • He takes charge only of what we fail to take charge of.
  • His power is revealed when our power is tested. 
  • He is not there to do things for us, but help us to do them for ourselves.



I am someone who has been nurtured with the parenting that if you want something, GO GET IT!  Either accept the way it is coming and if what’s coming your way is not what your soul  feels great about, SHOW UP!

The role of Supreme power is simply, “To not let you quit if you have not been willing to quit”.

The power does not do things for you; it simply acts as the silent, unseen driving force propelling you to do everything that you might feel incompetent for, but only if you are willing.



For a moment imagine how humans are designed to deliver everything that innocent animals cannot.  And it is only because we have more developed Minds.

So what was the purpose of bestowing us with such a big gift, the Mind?

Human mind is the topmost asset that will always surpass all the technologies. It is the most advanced thing that this planet can ever have, given to think, to plan, to turn things possible from the impossibilities even.

But in this comparative world, where we get impacted by things around us, we have directed our minds to process things that are not required.

We have given our minds the unnecessary stuff to think about and fill it with all the clutter that it has lost its ability to do what it was primarily purposed for.

It was given for a purpose and now it seems we are webbed in its extreme complexity making us fail to use it for the right cause.   It appears like a little kid is given not a play car but a real car to play and now all that is happening is, Accidents.

And when I say animals, they were given these tiny cars (less developed minds) so they are happy playing safe by themselves.

Not using mind for what its role was intended for, corrodes its capacity to perform and show excellence. The more you stuff your mind with expectations that some power will fulfill your dreams, the more you ruin its own ability to make these dreams reality.



The system we have grown up in, has conditioned us in a certain defined way that it forges our belief system irrespective of the fact how jeopardizing it can turn up.

Even the whole Life can  fall short to understand How to live.

Do not continue dwelling in  the homes that were made without much awakening.

Dismantling is the first step and second being the Re-construction after you choose to awaken.

  For instance I say, there is no power other than you, no God other than inside you?

How will you take things then? I am sure you will stir the force that you have barely pushed.

The moment you shift your attention to the power that resides inside you, you feel capable and wholesome.

And that is when you start manifesting things.

What I have deeply understood is, “When you leave nothing on God, God leaves nothing on you”



If we think simply, it seems obvious that God cannot fail.

And any time it looks like things aren’t going God’s way—such as when the world is full of war, crime, poverty, and suffering or when your life is being challenged—we’d naturally think that God is failing. And since that contradicts God’s omnipotence and omniscience, the obvious conclusion would be that there is no God, and that religion and spirituality is just a bunch of nonsense.

But that would be a simplistic and superficial way of looking at it. 

God is continually engaged in an effort to accomplish eternal goals. No matter what the situation is, God’s way will help you navigate even the impossible.

But there’s a fly in God’s ointment.

That fly is that as rationality and free will are necessary for humans  to exist, so they also open up the possibility that we humans may choose to continuously wait and sit for things to turn up good when as per God’s plan these situations are waiting for us to stand and show up for ourselves.

And unfortunately, many of us have chosen to do just that  because we insist on being there through our own freely made choices to just wait for everything be served on our table.

Is that a failure on God’s part?

No. God did everything possible and necessary for us to lead and rise.

Can we really blame God if it is we ourselves who use our God-given freedom and rationality to stubbornly insist that we will not do it God’s way?

If there is a failure, it is not God who failed. It is we humans who failed.

And yet . . . any time we humans here on earth are ready to change our minds, God is ready, willing, and waiting to power us through to something better.



If your parents escorted you to your kindergarten, to your school, why didn’t they escort you to college and then to office too?

Were they no longer worried and concerned for you or had they forgotten you?

And if at all they would escort you also, would you love the dependency or dislike the independence being caged by their overprotective affection?

Well, you are placed on this planet with utmost care that someone (parents or could be anyone placed to take charge of you) will help you introduce you to this world, look after you, help you understand how to deal with it, go with it.

But to only a certain point where they know you are no longer, a newcomer to this world.

And then sit back assured, not that you will not need them again but understanding that you will need more of you than anyone else to survive Life.

All you now got to relate this with is, God!

“You cannot enjoy any dream if you aren’t the part of making of your dream. You cannot sense the miracle if your misery does not sense you in it”

Think and think more consciously of how Life moves, what it demands from you, how it wants you to carve and understand your true strength.

God will do the extraordinary if you become an extraordinary!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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