Does Astrology GUIDE You or CAGE You?

Take charge of your actions and the stars will align for you”.

Does astrology guide you or cage you? A question that pushed me to think beyond the astrology predictions.

Growing up in vicinity that had huge influence of astrology on human affairs led me to trust the fortune-tellers and their forecasts. A faith that was not rationally developed rather was contributed immensely by the environment and culture. Sheltering this faith till a certain age and stage, something within questioned me,

“Does astrology Guide you or Cage you”?

To my surprise, my answer was unexpected!

I felt myself caged more than being guided. Not that I suspected Astrology and its forecasts but found myself taking them as “The Final Say”

This might be your experience too. Ask yourself the same, “Does Astrology guide you or cage you”? You might have found yourself or still caged in these predictions and forecasts.

It might be a belief system prevailing in your family since generations making you follow and rely on these predictions. Another scenario might be an anxiety that you develop in this still life, making you knock the astrology corner with a hope to get a clear road.

Astrology has become a pre-requisite for many of us before deciding the right subject, right career and even the perfect life partner.Undoubtedly there is nothing wrong in taking Astrology as guidance. The point of concern, more appropriately the point of worry is losing the wisdom and believing these forecasts as a Final deciding statement.

Well I have no perspective that’s contradictory to the profession “Astrology”. They have studied the subject and earning their bread.What messes my mind is, do they predict your future and guide you or they cage you in those predictions?

Have you been through such caging predictions or are still going?

My post does not intend to have a conflicting point of view regarding Astrology but an honest effort to beam your vision when these forecasts become more of like those hindrances in your Decision making and contribute to destruct your potential.  

Before digging deep into the post, I would want you to understand the fact that if you invest your trust in Astrology without a required minimal rational approach, you’ll find everything happening to you because of the positioning and movement of these celestial bodies.

“This is what is called A State of Delusion

A state when you make these celestial bodies responsible for everything good, great, bad and the worst happening to you. You need to understand how and to what extent is the control of these star positions and their movements on your life.

Astrology is not something that fixes your destiny; it’s the alignment and movement of your stars and planets that makes a particular judgement and not the Final Future Statement. What are more powerful are your actions, ones that can change your star positions and align for you.

You need to think the other way, “Take charge of your actions and the stars will align for you”.

The star positions that prevailed at the time of your birth, may forecast your success, your miseries and your hurdles, but not the manner how you will take them, fight them and change them! This is what you are entirely given the charge of. You own the ability to miraculously bring a new picture, a new Light and a new Alignment.

It’s a great upliftment and moral boost if something great is predicted for you, but then if something obnoxious is predicted, it creates a permanent room of doubts in your mind.What’s more of a concern is when something negative said glues to your mind and makes you succumb to that negativity. 

Star positions have an impact but are impacted too. All that counts is what’s being delivered from your side.

Imagine for an instance, you are told, your entire journey is going to be a whole lot of struggle and nothing great stored in for you. At this point, put up a question to yourself, ” Does astrology guide you or cage you”?

You will find yourself trapped! All that this prediction can do is, contribute in caging you in numerous doubts about yourself. 

The statement from a learned horoscope reader has made you wash your mind and accept this brutal prediction as your destiny. It will lock the thought so firmly that the immense potential you are born with will crumble too.

The belief on those star and planet positions which you have never known, never seen, has made you lose your belief on self.

This is what I’ll call, being jeopardized!

A complete destruction of the ability of dreaming too, presuming a failure already and just because the stars were not aligned for you. Every time you’ll think of taking a step up, the very one prediction will haunt you, scare you for not believing your inner voice.

One statement of one person has overpowered the belief that your Creator gifted you! Yes, these stars and planets have a role to play, and there is no denial about the fact. But they are like the puppets tied to a string that can only perform the magic if the performer performs well. You are the performer holding the string of your life. It’s the magic of your efforts that your stars will show!

Its not about not believing Astrology, it’s about not caging yourself in those negative predictions.

Before something is predicted for you, good or bad, trust this firmly,

“If it’s something great that’s predicted for you, bounce with Joy.

But if it’s something hard,bounce with spirit!

One who created you, bestowed you with everything to have everything, but still there are winners and losers. And what follows this, when you find losing Life is making these star positions responsible!  All you need to change is change your vision and take your unfavorable stars positions as a challenge to work beyond your potential and forecast a future for yourself.

In spite of the negative prediction, drain the whole negativity and find out the possibilities and work in accordance. It’s about making up your mind with that stubborn attitude to falsify any prediction that drowns you.

Once decided to not get caged in any of the negative predictions, you’ll find your wings. All you got to learn now is, TO FLY!

If you are the one who have been cornered by the negative astrology predictions, do not accept them as your Final Future prediction, but rather come up with a vision that you are being challenged for a magnificent view. The delays and denials that your stars predict are not making you deprived but challenging you to make your Stars Shine.

Find the answer to the question, “Does Astrology guide you or Cage you” and head towards winning over your stars.

Hold your thread and rehearse till your puppets don’t put up a magic for you!

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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4 years ago

“The star positions that prevailed at the time of your birth, may forecast your success, your miseries and your hurdles, but not the manner how you will take them, fight them and change them! This is what you are entirely given the charge of. You own the ability to miraculously bring a new picture, a new Light and a new Alignment.”
Very true and empowering, enlightening words. We need to realize that it’s only us, responsible for our life through our thoughts and actions.
Brilliant piece. ❤️❤️❤️

Aditya verma
Aditya verma
4 years ago

Very well drafted… And nice and common subject choosen. Mostly people confused about astrology that they should believe or not on it, it will help them or not to take right decision in their future.
It was a nice article to motivate those people wo believe their luck in work more than efforts.

Rohit K
2 years ago

Hi Sarita, Hope you are doing good. You don’t know me. You have written a good article on how not to accept everything an astrologer states. Probably you have seen astrologers who have made dire predictions about you in life. I have been learning hindu/vedic astrology since 2014. By profession I am an engineer and I work in a research institute in London. I was both fascinated and intrigued by this art/science about figuring out someones life path just by knowing someones birth details. I have seen many astrologers big and smalls ones predicting for free and those charging 10-15K… Read more »

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