Comfortable cannot Preach!


To speak of wisdom and talk of life from a position that is comfortable, not challenged,not subjected to difference of opinions, not lived the battlefield of real war between positive and negative, not survived  something beyond tolerance, not felt the sanity at the borderline and still preserved, not felt the limits of patience; is not worldly and exemplary.

One cannot preach the world by just being a learned one, it will cost a life!

Wisdom is something that will not knock you with passing years, it grows with your growing experiences rather. More the experiences are hard, the more they evolve you to your newer version that you are always unaware of.

It might be unbearable to live the dark and tough side of life but it’s this side that if you manage to survive, the light side will make a deeper sense to you.They make you holistic.

Do not fear when life takes a major control over you, You are being chosen to evolve into your best wise version that will set you free of all the fears.


Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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