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Nothing! Nothing is the only thing that will satisfy you Forever! Longingness never fades away.  Your  desire is conditional,”I’ll have another one after this one is done” The one side of this unending Longingness, gives a sense of willingness to strive for more heights and  the other side becomes a reason for you to never …

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Perfection! There are times when you are so good or rather perfect with things that others are not to the same level. The very situation has two natural tendencies; you will either  work to bring the same quality in them considering the fact that we just cannot have the same efficiency and perfection or would …

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Comfortable cannot Preach!

Comfortable cannot Preach! To speak of wisdom and talk of life from a position that is comfortable, not challenged,not subjected to difference of opinions, not lived the battlefield of real war between positive and negative, not survived  something beyond tolerance, not felt the sanity at the borderline and still preserved, not felt the limits of …

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Abandoning responsibilities are not valid!

Abandoning responsibilities are never Valid! Opportunities might knock your door a million times, what knocks once to test what you deserve is a responsibility of a dependent one. Be it parents or children! We are so ambitious about our opportunities or I would rather say  ignorant about the fact that missing even a single one …

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Adorn or refine!

Adorn or Refine! Desires have more control than the goals because they are preceded with mere wishing and least labour. Goals demand effort, a hard and honest one.Desire will always be a longingness for beauty in skin and goal will be to construct a refined you. Making heads turn by your looks will not designate …

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Supreme and not Superior!

Supreme and not Superior! Not for  being a  perfect one  but the intent to work towards perfection will make you Supreme! One who toils through the process and strives to understand the flaws than qualities showcase how Supreme is  distinct from Superior.  People compete only when they feel incomparable, insecure , ignorant and head towards …

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