Praying or working!

Praying or Working! His rule is not variant, but fixed rather and universal too. He abides by the law of actions. He is all ears to our every little prayer but which of our  prayers will be gratified will never be His biased choice. Prayers that will be followed by our actions towards them will

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Adorn or refine!

Adorn or Refine! Desires have more control than the goals because they are preceded with mere wishing and least labour. Goals demand effort, a hard and honest one. Desire will always be a longingness for beauty in skin and goal will be to construct a refined you. Making heads turn by your looks will not

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Supreme and not Superior!

Supreme and not Superior! Not for  being a  perfect one  but the intent to work towards perfection will make you Supreme! One who toils through the process and strives to understand the flaws than qualities showcase how Supreme is  distinct from Superior. People compete only when they feel incomparable, insecure , ignorant and head towards

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Paint Your Wall!

Paint your Wall! He might have not given you the right colors but the choice of colors was always yours. It was on you to choose them with a certain degree of consciousness than to negligently pull any of them and paint. He had them same for all but still the wall painted came up

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Universal Dust!

Universal Dust! Its inability to discriminate between the good and bad, positive and negative has a motive. “To make you Able enough for the same” Universe has its unique way! Unlike teachers and  parents,it will not be nice enough to feed you with everything that makes you shine. It will rather cast you through the

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