Justify your Help!

Justify your Help! Something that’s out of choice, willingness  and humanity makes that gesture of help a noble one and when some intention precedes , it turns out to be malicious. The word Help somehow gives us a reflection of the two entities: weak and powerful or competent and less competent in our minds. Yes …

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How this Bride navigated her Big Day Mishap!

How this Bride navigated her Big day Mishap Indian wedding is an immense fascination. It’s that one big day that every groom and bride waits for, ever since they find their soulmate.  Though it’s like just another common day,  the memory that it creates is what makes it one of the most beautiful and unforgettable …

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Everyone recognizes someone!

Everyone recognizes someone! Words become empowering when face becomes eminent! It takes  time to stand out from the crowd and be recognized by the crowd. Legends are not born but made.  Noone outside will know you, consider you, admire or follow you until and unless you don’t shake the world amazingly with your piece of …

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Pay the price to Earth!

Earth has now started charging us the stay! From every little thing to every massive creation that Human minds have developed has a single resource:Earth! Earth itself had no definition and segregation of poor or rich, it’s the human innovation that once  created something and now everything. From every constructive invention to all the  destructive …

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