Can Positive Thinking Cure Illness?

Can Positive Thinking Cure Illness?

Can Positive Thinking Cure Illness?

The answer to “Can positive thinking cure Illness?” is not a YES.

Instead, the answer is,

Illness can be cured only when one has Positive Thinking.

What is Positive Thinking?

 Is it to see the light and not look at the dark, is it to look at the morning and be blindfolded to the night, is it to see the solutions and not look at the problems, is it to see your strong side and overlook the weak,  is it to think about all the good that you have and shun the bad that happens to you, is it to see only what makes you and not know what breaks you?

Do you think if anyone comes up telling you all this as the right definition of positive thinking and you practice this, you will be a Positive Thinker?

I know Your Answer is …I don’t know or maybe!

So, I now want you to imagine yourself as a machine that runs with some buttons and can be controlled with them. 

For eg. If you feel you are being jealous and suddenly stop feeling jealous by pressing a button called,

“Stop being Jealous”.

Or you are feeling negative, and you press the button “Start feeling positiveand you will get into the positive mode of thinking.

If this had been the way, the machines wouldn’t have lasted for long for we would have destroyed the buttons by pressing them endlessly. 

You do not process and function things with buttons but with senses. 

These senses observe things happening around and happening to you, they then process them and signal them to your mind to give a particular reaction to the situation. 

The reaction is not always thought over; it’s instant, involuntary, and unplanned.

The post effects of the reactions can be constructive as well as destructive depending on how the reaction was.

For a moment

You are exposed to both negative and positive.

When you collide with something negative, it triggers a negative reaction which cascades a negative impact on you and the possibility of a positive reaction appears negligible.

Now here comes the role of Positive thinking.

To fight these negative attackers, you have to create within yourself the positive fighters.

Positive thinking is not an innate quality, it is something that you build by practicing it. 

When do you feel the need to build Positive Thinking?

The moment you feel hijacked by the cascading effects of your negative reactions to a negative situation, there arises a trigger inside you to combat this negative effect. The negative effect is disturbing and this disturbance is what pushes you to do something against it.

This is when positive thinking starts.

Every negative situation comes with an intent to attract the negative in you so that it worsens more. 

If you are aware of this negative intent, you will build your power against it and that is when your Positive Thinking will start to build.

Positive thinking is not merely practicing a positive attitude, it is about fighting the negative and protecting your peace from the disturbance that it creates.

Being a positive thinker never means you never think negatively, it simply means that you keep making efforts to not let the negative attackers dominate your territory and create turbulence.


How does Positive thinking impact your Life?

Your life has a reward stored for you in every phase and stage but before it hands it over to you, it tests you for how worthy you are for it.

Life never always comes with good stuff, smooth roads, and enjoyable journeys. There are times when you are hit by the bumps, fall into the potholes, and are muddled by the dirty road and that is when you need the drive to keep driving.

Positive thinking is that drive that keeps the ride going on. The ability to not allow yourself to be stuck in situations where you are challenged, obstructed, impeded, and refrained from receiving the gift.

It might not be a great accomplishment right then but by the time you reach your destination by holding on to this positive thinking, you will find you have surpassed many of them and made up to earn the gift.

Positive thinking keeps you focused and targeted on the missions despite the hurdles that keep trying to send its negative attackers to you.

A happy life is not that you have all the positive things, it is how positively you respond to everything that your life is packaged with..good, bad, positive, negative, easy, tough, right, and wrong.


What happens when an Illness attacks you?

When your body suddenly feels attacked by a foreign body or you feel something abnormal in any of your body parts/organs, it directly impacts the body, but it indirectly plays with your mind.

Getting caught in a severe illness is like having a collision with an invader. The one that aims to occupy your territory and destroy you.

You now start thinking that the body part that was functioning all by itself has suddenly stopped working and going worse too. Now the problem is not that the illness is terrific or huge but it’s that you haven’t dealt with it before, so it looks tragic and traumatic.

You feel helpless because the attacked body part that was working without you working on it, has now started to collapse in front of you and that makes you helpless.


What is your reaction to Illness?

Becoming a VICTIM? 

or building a FIGHTER?

There can be two opposite reactions to any attacking illness.

Either you will collapse because you failed to fight the negative attackers of this attacking illness, or you will create the positive fighters in you to defeat these invaders. 

Something that was working for you suddenly stopped working, and now if you accept the malfunctioning and let the cascading effect corrode you, the attackers become successful.

But on the other hand, if you build positive thinking with a conscious awareness that it is going to impede the negative effect of illness and help you in healing, you become successful in overcoming the illness.

Your mind is the controller, and your body parts are in control of it.

How your mind processes things and decides what and how they are to be dealt with, the body functions in alignment.

If the mind commands your body to be healthy, to eat healthily, and to live healthily, your body will practice living healthily.

Your body only acts on the command that your mind gives it. 


What is the Role of medicines?

When any illness targets you, it attacks on two places- 

  • Your Body and
  • Your Mind

What you see is only the pain in your body.

So you only go to a physician and talk about only your physical ailment.

But you are ignorant about how your mind that takes charge of controlling every body part has also been attacked.

You are aware of the living foreign bodies that have attacked your body, but you are blindfolded to those negative attackers that are coming along with these foreign bodies and attacking your mind.

Now when you take prescribed medicine, it is a treatment to only the part of your body that is infected or diseased, but it does not treat the mind that too is suffering.

If your body is suffering through pain, your mind is suffering through negativity.

You are not aware of how much your mind is affected. Your physical health deteriorates because your mental health has lost its power to control your body.

You keep focusing on treating the body but what your mind is going through becomes a subject of neglect.

The result of such a treatment is that the best treatment also fails.


Your Illness demands A Wholesome Cure

If you want to cure your illness, you have to check and treat both your Body and Mind also.

Now the medicine for the attacked body part is in the form of supplements but to treat your mind, the medicine is Positive thinking.

A positive mindset approves, accepts, and intakes the supplements with a thought “Yes, it is going to treat me, heal me, and cure me“.

If the patient is not aware of the fact that his/her mind also needs treatment, the attacking negativity will keep blocking the progress that the medicine is trying to make on the body.

Positive thinking escalates the effect of the medicine. They both, if clubbed together, can create a life out of the Dead.

 If you do not work on your mind to build positive thinking, the medicines recommended might kill the invaders, but they will fail to kill the negativity in you. 

And if the negativity breathes, the recovery impedes!


The Three Categories of Patients

The moment any illness attacks, fear attacks along with it.

There are three categories of people who behave in different patterns under such an attack of illness.

The Self Healers

 These are the ones who are inherently self-motivated, strong, and positive. The moment such a category of people is encountered with any attacking illness, they are ready to fight it. They know that more than their physical treatment, their mental robustness will cure them. So they keep pushing themselves beyond their threshold and prevent any negative thoughts from attacking them. And this makes their recovery much more possible.

The Weak Fighters

They are the ones who lack positivity and self-motivation. They want to have a positive mindset, but they fail at it. They need external support who can keep nudging them to see the positive side. The more they have positive people around them, the more they imbibe positivity.


The Negative Thinkers

They are the ones who feel positivity can do nothing for their situation. They are hardwired with a very negative approach. They are unaware of the significance of positivity and how much it can cure their ailment. For such patients, the family needs to find some strategic and effective ways to first work on their mental block. These patients need a mental shift before the medical treatment begins for them. 

You have to figure out, among which category you or your family member or your friend, or even any of your acquaintances fall and then work on the Treatment.


Cure your Illness with Positive Thinking

If you want to not only cure illness but recover from its ill effects also, a positive mindset has to go hand in hand with medical treatment.

So the first step is to not find what a positive mind can do but rather think about what your negative and fearing mindset can lead you to.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are all outcomes of negative thinking.

You cannot stop the negative from attacking you, but nothing can stop you from creating the positive inside you.

When you whittle down the negative in your mind, the seed of positivity germinates there.

5 Most effective ways to build Positive Thinking when You are victimized by any Illness:

1. Strong belief in the strength of your own Body:

A body of a Human being is designed with the best infrastructure that cannot be dismantled by some random external attacks. Even if the body gets attacked, there is an immense regeneration capacity to fight the illness.

The fact that you are used to seeing your body in a healthy state keeps you unaware of its strength to fight under unfavorable conditions.

The body can revive, heal and recover but it needs a command. The command that only your mind can give.

So, all you need to do is believe in the strength of your body, it’s amazing capacity to regenerate, and command it to heal you.

2. Focusing on the Treatment than on the ailment:

The Ailment has done its work, you have to let the Treatment do its work now. 

What went wrong can go worse if you keep yourself glued to the wrong but if you keep your eye on the right that is happening, you can even build power that was never before.

3. Remember Your illness does not destroy you, your negative mind does:

Illness is not a catastrophe, your negativity towards the illness is.

The moment you allow your mind to accept the power of your ailment, the healing slows. You don’t have to avoid the negative, you have to tell yourself that if it has the aim to destroy you…You have the plan to control and eradicate it.

4. Don’t just swallow the medicine, believe the power it has:

The intake of your medicine has a major impact on how much the medicine will work.

The healing does not start with medicine, it starts when you take it as a regime that you religiously believe is going to cure the illness.

5. Ask people around to only speak positive things:

Sometimes it’s hard for you to build that positive mindset and that is fine. In such moments, you can seek out help from your close ones so that what seems hard can at least look possible and achievable.

The conclusion is that your mind is the biggest medicine. 

I hope this blog helps you or anyone of your acquaintances who are going through a challenging illness and gives a vision to navigate through it.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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