Build your Personality and Forget about Looks!

Build your Personality and Forget about Looks!

Build your Personality and Forget about Looks!

Build your Personality and Forget about Looks!
Build your Personality and Forget about Looks!

We cannot choose to have good looks, but we can shape our personalities as per our choice


Are Looks Important?

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

 Looks give us the benefit to draw people’s attention even before we interact with them.

But there is a fine line difference between gaining benefits and holding importance.

Someone turning to see you for the good looks that you have, even when you cross like a stranger might excite you, make you feel like someone different in the crowd or even boost your confidence. 

But for how long will this excitement remain in the air. 

Just like the water running across your body does not stay for long, such excitements also shed off in no time.

So, what is Important?

Something that you cannot do without, is important. 

Your limbs are important, your tongue is important, your eyes are important, all your body parts are important, though there are still many of them who, despite losing them too, continue to still believe their life is important.

Looks bring us nothing more than a temporary attention that fades away soon.

We all have a fascination for good looks but if this fascination keeps us caged in an unending desire, we spoil the rest of the good that we have.

Unless we command our minds to think of our existence beyond looks, this unrealistic fascination will keep us caged in a vicious circle.


What is the concept behind good or bad looks?

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

For a moment imagine, you were the only person on this planet. Yes, the only one.

 Probably the very first human to live here.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

The only face and body you saw here were that of yours. You had just one single image in your mind of what a human looked like and that was yours itself.

Now if I ask, what do you think about your looks?

Are they good or bad?

Are you beautiful or ugly?

I’m sure these words will not even strike you.

Your mind will have only one image to process, only one figure to look at so it does not even think about how the looks should or should not be.

The word Looks itself would not strike you.

And now imagine you have 50 more faces around you with different looks.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

You will look at these 50 different faces, observe them and signal the difference in the looks of these faces to your mind.

This is when your mind starts making Comparisons.

And now that there are zillions of faces, all with different looks and colors, you are prone to make comparisons and call some as beautiful, some as average and some even ugly.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

Good looks have no meaning if there are no others to compare from.

If someone is good-looking, it is only in comparison to someone else.

So, the good or bad looks in themselves are non-existent, they exist only in comparisons.

And these comparisons have made our society come up with standards like beautiful, average, and ugly.

But the reality is, there is only one real thing that exists: humans.

Rest everything cultivates from how and what humans think.

This world is competing only because there are comparisons. 


How do Looks impact us?

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

We have the desire to stand out in the crowd. And good looks are the first weapon that we assume can get us all the attention.

Having good looks makes us feel that half the battle is won. 

Looks matter because we look for people’s approval. We feel that if the World approves of us, our Looks are good and if not, it means we are not at par with those shining faces.

And this makes the ones who assume their looks average, think that if they had good looks, the approval would have been easy. Because if the struggle for approval will be less, self-love will be easy.

Hence, we constantly keep on working to improve our public appearance.

We feel that it will boost our confidence and we will feel uplifted.

Yes, it does.

There is no denial about this.

The truth is if you do not prepare yourself for the battle, you will lose despite having the strongest weapons. 

The point is to not lament over why you are not good-looking but to figure out how you can stand out with the looks that you have.


What is Personality?

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

All good personalities can have good looks but not all good looks can have good Personalities.

I’ll talk about mine.

An average-looking girl as a student.

I had girls around who I would call pretty, and I was someone as just another girl. Not ugly but not pretty even.

That did not bother me much because I did not compete or compare myself to someone.

I was quite comfortable in my skin.

But yes, there was something within that wanted to stand out in the crowd.

And I did not know how that would happen.

With time, I grew not only old but wiser.

I realized if there is something stronger than looks, it is personality.

 I focused on building my personality and forget about looks.

I kept adding one piece at a time to boost my inner confidence.

No, I did not go to libraries, I did not have a fancy college or degree…I just focused on giving my best no matter what trash I was given to deal with in my life.

And with time, I felt amazingly confident.

I never felt the need for anybody’s approval.

My body, mind, and soul were strong and in alignment.

So, what is Personality?

No, it is not merely about how good you carry your clothes or wear the designers to leave a mark.

It is about how you recreate your body, mind, and soul that leaves no chance to amaze anyone.

Personality is the glimpse of who you are in the best possible way.

It does not merely gain you attention, it makes you Magnetic.

Personality reflects everything from top to bottom.

If we break down personality into subparts, it is an amalgamation of a positive approach, wise perspectives, noble thoughts, an obsequious attitude, humbleness, and spiffed up. 

And all these subparts do not come with birth. 

We build them by understanding what impact a personality can make that looks fail to.

Personality is like that magnificent wall whose every brick is laid by you. Looks can make you attract people, but it is the personality that makes them stay.


How does Personality weigh more than looks?

Looks draw attention but what makes this attention stay is your personality.

Your looks can give you a temporary affair with people whereas your personality forges a bond forever.

The world might get tempted by what’s on the surface, but it is moved only by what lies beneath, your true personality.

Looks is like that beautiful mud pot that you bought on a whim without looking into its quality.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

You are amazed by its beauty that you fail to see whether it will stay for long or break down soon.

This is how misleading the Looks are. They show you what is on the surface, what lies beneath you are unaware.

You bring home such a piece of beauty and in a span of a few days, the beauty breaks down.

You lose your calm for choosing the pot for what it was just on the surface.

Now if you buy a mud pot by checking out its robustness and quality, you take home something that will be worth your money.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

This is called the personality when you look beyond the looks, when you are not carried away by the surface beauty.


Build your Personality and forget about Looks

Personality is what you are and not what you look like.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

Now, what does that mean?

The impression you leave on anyone around is negligible based on your looks and entirely based on the person you are.

Personality is when you wear good, think great, and feel beautiful.

You cultivate a good personality when you become consciously aware that looks take you nowhere. This awareness is the first step that helps you to strive for building a good personality.

So how can you build a personality that can outshine all the good faces?

These 7 ways to build your personality will change people’s perception of you.

Spend less but choose the right things that add grace to your personality. 

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

So, what I mean is each body is unique and you have to work on what things you can wear that does not spoil your uniqueness. Don’t just wrap your body but try wrapping it like a gift.

The first glimpse of your personality comes with how beautiful the wrapper is and how beautifully you have wrapped it. Yes, your attire is the first component that you should be focusing on. People stop by when you are spiffed up. 

If you are someone not good at choosing the right stuff that suits you, seek help from someone good at it, but do not neglect the fact that your attire is the steppingstone to your great personality.


Speak less but speak confidently.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

Your personality leaves a mark when you speak confidently. Now the question is where does this confidence come from?

Confidence comes when you practice speaking. It might sound weird but if you are someone who wants to build a personality, you have to build your vocals.

Don’t talk about the subjects that you do not have your hands on.

Language is not important, what you speak is.

The more decorative your words are, the better your personality reflects.

Speak what you know and speak with confidence. 


Stop holding anyone responsible for the problems you face.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

Whenever you are in any sort of interaction with anyone, be it a colleague, a meeting, a friend, a relative, or even a passing stranger, make sure you are not in that complaining box. This is a big sign of a negative personality.

Complaining about government, God, public services, and whatnot directly convey that you are someone who focuses the least on yourself. You hold the world responsible for every silly stuff that annoys you.

The reality is this is the attitude that keeps you lagged behind.

If there is a pain area, discuss it without targeting any system or services. Talk about what can be done rather than blurting out just complaining about what isn’t working. The idea is to find a way out. When you put up something that contributes as a solution to a problem, your personality stands out.


Don’t forget to wear a smile. 

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

I know it sounds simple but trust me it is the most neglected attribute that counts a lot to your personality.

Smiling is contagious, it can make people not merely hear what you say but absorb and assimilate your words.

The Beautiful words you speak have a deeper penetration on others if you speak to them with a smiling face.

My personal experience with smiling has been incredible. I have felt like one rich happy soul just by wearing a smile wherever I go.

I have seen the rudest folks smiling back, and this feels like a victory.

We often wait for others to smile at us, but we fail to understand that our initiative to smile makes our personality not only good but a beautiful magnetic one as well.


Gossips are a real threat to your personality

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

You might look like a great entertainer while you participate in the gossip, but you are unaware that this is not the kind of entertainment intellectual people love to have.

You are entertaining the ones who are stuck in mediocrity and that cages you in it as well.

Separate and keep an arm’s distance from the shallow conversations, because you are clueless about how slowly they taint your personality and make you look ordinary.

Get into constructive conversations and participate where you can share your wisdom and knowledge rather than stuffing your mind with the trash of gossip.


Don’t wait for someone to ask you for your help. 

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

Your personality does not display what is merely on the surface, it reflects what lies on deeper layers.

And that demands you to work on every layer.

Philanthropy is one such attribute that polishes your personality from the inside.

You cannot buy humbleness; it is bestowed upon you when you practice kindness.

If you keep yourself consciously aware that people or animals are always there in need of help, you are helping yourself by making these deeper layers of your personality stand out.


Your body gives you nothing if you stop giving to it.

Build your Personality and forget about Looks.

A great personality is an amalgamation of the right body, soul, and mind.

Your body is a machine that will wear off with time.

Only the machines that keep running smoothly take all the limelight.

So, if you are looking to have the perks to enjoy life, you’ve got to earn sound health by investing in your body.

Take these 7 effective ways seriously and you will see an immense upgradation in your personality.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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