Become an ocean, not a pond!


Not at times but very often rather,  we try justifying wherever we are wrong and strongly put on the table all that we feel we are right at.

The idea of both right and wrong is so vast and varied as it builds on everything that your life experiences and the world teaches you.

It’s the way life has been, the people around you have been, your family have been, your religion and culture have been, contributes to your entire thought process and perspective towards what the right and wrong is.

But then that certainly does not sum up that you are brought up with everything right and nothing wrong or everything wrong and nothing right.

Even the best of life, family and culture can keep you aloof from knowing and understanding what actually is the right way and the one who grew up with a conflicting negative environment around does not necessarily be judged  to have a wrong perspective towards things. 

Somewhere I feel, we all have a side of our personalities that is negative,  stubborn and stringent that we really do not try to see and understand what better can be thought and  spoken. We stick so hard to everything that whatever our Life experiences and our family ethics have made us learn.  We assume that our perspective is the perfect right always and become blindfolded to what better can be thought, what better perspective can be listened to and how much better we can become by accepting that we are just not perfect, we still can imbibe something much better.

Not everything we feel we are perfectly right at, is right. It’s just that we might have not thought beyond our thought process.

At one particular stage of adulthood ,we get so strongly hardwired with a mindset that has been a contribution of all that happened to us and was put into us that we really become disabled to think beyond that zone.

I too have felt numerous times  that certain things are right the way I assume them to be right. But then when I try making an effort to consciously allow my mind to be more flexible than stringent, I do feel an inflow of a better vision, thought process, perspective and point of view of people around me.

This flexibility of mind to at least allow yourself to understand what and how the world outside thinks is such an incredible upliftment that it  helps you to evolve and have more wiser perspectives.

I feel once we open our minds to listen and understand what others’ perspectives are, we are left no more as tiny as a pond but transcend to become as big as an ocean.

Do not be misled by your pond little knowledge, embrace everything to become an ocean.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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Aditya verma
Aditya verma
2 years ago

Nice post and a deep message reflects by this post about a mindset of a person, broad mindset always gives a positive thought to another person but nerrow minds fills negativity to other people so to listen other person first understands his or her mindset and decide what is wrong and what is right with a positive atitude.

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