Balance your prayers and karma!


He never said keep praying and chanting my word to fulfill your goals. But still we are more on this side of praying and chanting than the labour needed to achieve them.

In the end it was not the prayers that faced discrimination but your Karma that makes the difference!

Yes, He is magical and can work the impossible but that’s not His rule.  

His rule is to create the possibility in you!

If God  worked on your behalf, you would never be able to evolve and find the real treasures of Life.

And well there are also times and situations where human ability is not enough to make things work and turn up great. 

But,even when in such a state, you  need to work with all your capacity and ability to a limit where The ultimate power will help you make things work in accordance with your effort and make them less hard and achievable for you.

You want a job, you want to succeed, you want to achieve any of your Goals; a fine balance of Prayers and Karma is what the Key to it is

There are also times when you are doubtful about whether things will turn up in favor in spite of the immense labour that went in. Yes it’s very normal because you might have the capability and huge potential to achieve whatever you want but human construct is not as high to be called divine.

And divine powers are never doubtful!

Now the point is how to work for it?

When you decide to work for something with  an attitude of,  

” I’ll try and let’s see if it works” ; 

Chances are you will be more doubtful all the way, hence cribbing. Your ignorance or intentional unknowingness about your own potential led you to not work for your goal with a winning attitude but like a trial.

On the other side if you work for something with  an attitude of,  

“I’ll try and I’ll achieve no matter what”

This attitude has already made you demand your core potential to work for it. Doubts and dilemmas will still be there but feeble enough to reside permanently. 

This is the point when the seed of divine power sows in you making you fearless and go high with spirits to work like a winning warrior

It’s When you  work and pray in balance with all your dedication, divine  gets created in you making  you a rising star.

Hi! This is Sarita Mian.

Welcome to The Locks and Keys where “Little will be valued and Huge shall be contained”



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